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Implicate Order - Leela Revisited 5

The scientists were beduffled. When the mystic came out of his meditation and uttered “Vasudhaiv Kutambakam (the World is one family)”, what did he really mean?

They went back and stood before Einstein, “Pray, what is the meaning of Vasudhaiv Kutambakam.” Einstein was preoccupied- removing lice from his formidable head, “Go and speak to my successor, David Bohm, an American Nobel Prize winner and one of the leading quantum physicists of our age. He may be able to give you insight.”

Bohm was a creative genius, someone who believed in stretching boundaries of thought and brought in a lot of multidisciplinary new ideas and concepts.

Bohm shared his concerns with the scientists, “These subatomic particles behave in a bizarre manner. No matter how far apart two quanta's of light (photons) travel, when they are measured they will always be found to have identical angles of polarization. This suggests that somehow the two photons must be instantaneously communicating with each other so they know which angle of polarization to agree upon. Particles, that have interacted even once, can instantaneously respond to each other's motions. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion kilometers apart.”

“This meant that either Einstein's long-held theory that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light or the two particles are non-locally connected is true.” Bohm continued, “This sort of particle interconnectedness requires signaling that is faster than the speed of light.
Image result for epr paradox

One of the scientists, Boris Podolsky, an American scientist of Russian origin, immediately added, “I agree with the concerns of David Bohm. Even Einstein, me and Nathan Rosen perceived the EPR paradox of quantum entanglement. Under the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, each particle is individually in an uncertain state until it is measured, at which point the state of that particle becomes certain. At that exact same moment, the other particle's state also becomes certain.” He continued, “The reason that this is classified as a paradox is that it seemingly involves communication between the two particles at speeds greater than the speed of light, which is a conflict with Einstein's theory of relativity. Einstein is deeply troubled because he had earlier showed that instantaneous transmission of information is impossible.”

"Guys, I, too am completely lost", said John Bell, a physicist, "I developed a series of inequalities which represent how measurements of the spin of Particle A and Particle B would distribute if they weren't entangled. But, in experiment after experiment, the inequalities are violated. Obviously this means that quantum entanglement does seem to take place. I can imagine why einstein would be upset with the paradox. Bohm sir, please give your views."

“Wait, David, hear me out,” interjected Alain Aspect, a French physicist, “I conducted some experiments, but those only demonstrated that the correlations Einstein objected are really there. There is no way out of the weirdness of quantum theory. It is really bizarre.”

David Bohm was tense, “I am also equally troubled that the two pillars of modern physics - quantum mechanics and relativity theory, actually contradict each other. This contradiction is not just in minor details but is very fundamental, because quantum mechanics requires reality to be discontinuous, non-causal, and non-local, whereas relativity theory requires reality to be continuous, causal, and local. Just give me some time to find a way to reconcile this seeming contradiction. I will explain this mystic’s worldview after I have resolved these complex inconsistencies.

 Meanwhile, Bohm could not sleep well, waves and spin-ups and spin-downs of particles kept on appearing before his eyes.

While there were certain concepts that he was able to figure out – he could not still put his finger on the overall principles. He recognized that the reason subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another regardless of the distance separating them is not because they are sending some sort of mysterious signal back and forth, but because their separateness is an illusion.

The ultimate nature of physical reality is not a collection of separate objects (as it appears to us), but rather it is an undivided whole that is in perpetual dynamic flux. This undivided whole is not static but rather in a constant state of flow and change, kind of invisible ether from which all things arise and into which all things eventually dissolve. Indeed, even mind and matter are united.

All synchronicities, whether a phone call from a friend that you were just thinking about, or the thousands of shocking or surprising coincidences can be easily understood once one understands that we are connected to each other at the deepest level. And when one particle (you) act, it triggers reaction at the exact same time of particle B (your friend).

Then one day, he woke up all excited and his mind in complete clarity. He had finally evolved a new and controversial theory of the Universe. All this while, scientists were working on the smallest particle in nature. Bohm proposed that instead of thinking of particles as the fundamental reality, waves with discrete particles-like quanta in a continuous field should be considered as the basic reality.

He imagined the universe as an infinite sea of waves of space and energy out of which matter could be unfolded. It is the plenum; it is an immense background of intelligent energy. A sea of sinusoidal waves that was a deeper order of existence, a vast and more primary level of reality that gives birth to all the objects and appearances of our physical world.

Bohm calls this deeper level of reality the Implicate Order (which means enfolded or hidden), and he refers to our own level or existence as the Explicate, or unfolded order. Put another way, electrons and all other particles are no more substantive or permanent then the form a geyser of water takes as it gushes out of a fountain. In the implicate order, everything is enfolded into everything. While in the opposite explicate order, things are unfolded. They are sustained by a constant influx from the implicate order, and when a particle appears to be destroyed, it is not lost. It has merely enfolded back into the deeper order from which it sprang.

The unfolding and enfolding

A good analogy could be from a BBC science program that showed a device that illustrates this process of enfoldment and unfoldment very well. It consists of two concentric glass cylinders. Between them is a viscous fluid, such as glycerin. If a drop of insoluble ink is placed in the glycerin and the outer cylinder is turned slowly, the drop of dye will be drawn out into a thread. Eventually the thread gets so diffused it cannot be seen. At that moment there seems to be no order present at all. Yet if you slowly turn the cylinder backward, the glycerin draws back into its original form, and suddenly the ink drop is visible again. The ink had been enfolded into the glycerin, and it was unfolded again by the reverse turning.

Bohm called all the scientists and said, “The actual order (the Implicate Order) itself has been recorded in the complex movement of electromagnetic fields, in the form of light waves. Such movement of light waves is present everywhere and in principle enfolds the entire universe of space and time in each region. This enfoldment and unfolding takes place not only in the movement of the electromagnetic field but also in that of other fields (electronic, protonic, etc.). These fields obey quantum-mechanical laws, implying the properties of discontinuity and non-locality. The totality of the movement of enfoldment and unfolding may go immensely beyond what has revealed itself to our observations.”

“Just like the waves from a satellite that is intelligent and organized, that is visible in an explicate form on a TV screen. These waves unfold into an explicate reality and when its existence in explicate terms is over, it enfolds into the implicate order.” He continued, “These waves are like “superfield” or information that guides and organizes the original quantum field. It can be considered to be similar to a computer which supplies the information that arranges the various forms.”

He continued, “This entire game of Leela or existence could not have been possible without the Omnipresent “Player”. This Player or the Cosmic Mind is moving cyclically onward and onward preparing transformation of consciousness amongst individuals. Intense heightening of individuals, who have shaken off the wrong worldviews of ignorance, can develop a transformative collective consciousness. A consciousness that can begin to generate the immense power needed to ignite the whole consciousness of the world. In the depths of the Implicate Order, there is a consciousness, deep down--of the whole of mankind. The implicate order is the source, the Order, Intelligence, Personalization, Creativity, and a sense of Holiness.”

“No doubt that the Implicate Order, at its deepest level, is the source of all and interconnected. The Rishi was right. The World is undivided, connected and one family - Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” He smiled.

The scientists were convinced with Bohm’s theory and they decided to go back to the Himalayan cave and meet the Rishi. They went in a large group and waited outside the cave. After two days, the Rishi came out, saw them and understood their purpose. He smiled at them in a beatific manner and said, “Brahma satyam, jagat mithya” (The Creator is True but the creation is false).

The scientists were confused, “How can the creation be false, if the Creator is true?” 

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The Bridge - String Theory.....Leela Revisited (part 4)

A group of mystics came and started probing the scientists, “Five centuries back, you guys had challenged us that you would give us the theory of everything and find the building blocks of nature, where have you reached?” The scientists answered confidently, “Everything is made up of atoms.” The mystics probed further, “So what are atoms made of?” When the scientist replied, “They’re made of subatomic particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons.” The smiling Rishi asked, “So, what are protons and neutrons made of?” “Even tinier particles called quarks,” The Rishi was persistent, “What are quarks and electrons made of?” At that point, the scientists got stumped and started scratching their heads. Should they accept defeat?

Suddenly in the 1980s, scientists Michael Green and John Schwarz came running. “Stop” they said “Don’t accept defeat, we have fine tuned the superstring theory to such an extent that it can withstand all the questions and establish the TOE.”

Modern physics has two basic scientific laws: quantum physics and general relativity. These two scientific laws represent radically different fields of study. Quantum physics studies the very smallest objects in nature, while relativity tends to study nature on the scale of planets, galaxies, and the universe as a whole. Obviously, gravity affects small particles too, and relativity accounts for this as well.

And that is the problem. Black holes are massive in density. They are so dense and heavy that not even light can escape its gravitational pull. This gravity compresses Supermassive objects with huge mass into a tiny point called singularity. Gravity has compressed all that mass into a tiny point. Because the center of a black hole is both incredibly tiny, yet incredibly massive, you cannot avoid using both general relativity and quantum mechanics at the same time. When you attempt to do just that, 1+1 equals 11. They break down and give nonsensical predictions and answers that don’t make sense. It’s kind of like living in a city with 2 different sets of traffic laws that often conflict with each other. The universe is not nonsensical, 1+1=2 not 11, so something is terribly wrong.

Superstring theory - known less formally as "string theory" and sometimes called the Theory of Everything (TOE), because it is a unifying physics theory, was proposed as the answer to this seeming contradiction.

The essential idea behind string theory is this: all of the different 'fundamental' particles of the Standard model are really just different manifestations of one basic object - a string. How can that be? Well, we would ordinarily picture an electron, for example, as a point with no internal structure. That is a point and thus cannot do anything except move. But, if string theory is correct, then under an extremely powerful microscope, we would realise that the electron is not really a point, but a tiny loop of string. Now, a string can do more than just move- it can oscillate or vibrate in different ways. If it vibrates in a certain way, then from a distance, unable to see the strings within, we see an electron. If it vibrates in some other way, we call it photon or quark or a ...... 

So, if string theory is correct, the entire world is made of strings!

Together with the question of quantum gravity, string theory attempts to unify the four fundamental forces in the Universe - Electromagnetic force, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force and gravity, all together in a single unified theory.

At the most microscopic level, everything in the universe is made up of loops of vibrating strings, and apparent particle differences can be attributed to variations of vibration. An object (such as an apple, for example) and a force (such as radiation, for example) can both be broken down into atoms, which can be further broken down into electrons and quarks, which can be, finally, broken down into tiny, vibrating loops of strings. String theory unites not only the types of particles, but also the ways they behave.

Let me give an example: if a string vibrates in one manner, it could exhibit characteristics of an “up” quark. If a second string is introduced with the same properties, we now have two strings, or basically two “up” quarks. However, when a third string that vibrates in a rather different manner, acts as a “down” quark, the outcome is two up quarks and one down quark. The result of two up quarks and one down quark produces a proton. Thus, a proton is a composite particle built from two up quarks and one down quark, each quark being a manifestation of the string it represents. And similarly, all subatomic particles behave in a manner determined by the strings and its vibration. All forces and particles in nature are derived from variations in vibrations of strings. As an example, gravity is said to arise from the lowest vibration of a closed string.

There were a few skeptics amongst the scientists, they asked, “Your string theory is ludicrous. It presupposes that there are ten dimensions in the natural world (nine spatial dimensions plus time), rather than the four of classical science (the three spatial dimensions plus time). These are all theories, where is the experimental basis? Has anyone seen these dimensions?”

The various dimensions of string
The string proponents said, “What causes the extra six dimensions to be largely unnoticed is that they are considered to be compacted or curled up. The reason that general relativity doesn't work at the subatomic level is because the equation mistakenly includes a figure for point-like particles. Modifying the equation to include a representation of loops of string, instead, makes the equation work”. 

The unbelievers amongst the scientists scoffed, "What is the point in making a theory that has neither been tested nor experimented? What impact will it have on science and mankind? If just seems like mental wrestling." The team of scientists leading the string theory was bristling with anger," 

In 1905, when Einstein first presented his famous equation E=mc2, he felt that it was an interesting relationship, but little did he know that it would result in something as potent as the atomic bomb. He would not have anticipated that the correction to time calculations demanded by his theories of special and general relativity would someday be required to get the worldwide global positioning system (GPS) to operate correctly. Quantum physics, which on the surface is as theoretical of a study as they come, is the basis for the laser and transistor, two technologies that are at the heart of modern computers and communication systems. 

While, we cannot predict with certainty what string theory may lead to, history has shown that it will almost certainly lead to something profound. Who knows - that this theory could probably lead to future understanding of parallel universes or the holographic universe or similar principles that are waiting to be discovered." By this time, both groups of scientists were angry and pushing each other. 

An old, wise scientist intervened, "Cool down guys. Let us go and visit the Rishis and take their advice." So, all the scientists ountainspacked their warm clothes and climbed to the cave in the snow clad Himalayan Mountains, waiting for the Rishi to open his eyes and come out of his meditation. As soon as the Rishi opened his eyes, the scientists put forward their arguments and asked him for his views."

The Rishi smiled and said, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means that the World is One Family and again closed his eyes and went deep into his meditational trance.

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Einstein's General Relativity - Leela Revisited (3)

Scientists say that 13.8 billion years back, there was a Big Bang explosion from a single point which has created our expanding Universe.

The mystics reminded them that this was pretty close to the writings in the Rig Veda (1500-2000 BC), the oldest Hindu book of knowledge “There was neither non-existence nor existence then; there was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond. What stirred? Where?” 

This stirring started the game "Leela" called existence. A single golden seed called Hiranyagarbha exploded to begin the formation of our cosmos. Like the acorn has the potential to create a huge Oak tree, so too, the seed Hiranyagarbha had the potential of the Universe.

The Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago and the expansion of the Universe

Mankind has always been fascinated with the study of the cosmos that is so mysterious, vast and unfathomable. In 1609, Galileo made his rudimentary 37mm dia telescope. Since then, scientists have been using rapidly evolving tools and technology to study the Space outside. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is now being made by NASA, which is thousands of times more powerful than earlier telescopes. It will give scientists the opportunity to clearly 'see' cosmic events, as they happen. The Hubble Telescope has been travelling on the Earth’s orbit, while JWST will go all the way out to locations that are 1.5 million kms away and follow the orbit of the Sun. The Universe is revealing more and more. 

Soon the galaxy will open up for more intense scrutiny

All this while, a genius called Einstein was thinking, “Events, even the minutest, take place at specific locations and at certain time. For example, a simple event like brushing one’s teeth or having a bath happens by occupying a certain space and within a particular time line. Thus every event has four dimensions – the three dimensions of space (length, height and depth) and the fourth dimension of time.Our Universe is a space-time continuum that is constantly expanding, thus creating a three dimensional space over a period of 13.8 billion years”. This space and time are interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time, which can be visualised a flat grid. 

In 1915 Einstein realized that this flat space-time grid does not consider the gravitational force of large objects. Massive objects in space like the earth, planets, sun, stars caused a distortion in space-time as the gravity of that object curves the grid. Imagine setting a large cricket ball in the center of a trampoline. The ball would press down into the fabric, causing it to dimple. A marble rolled around the edge would spiral inward toward the body, pulled in much the same way that the gravity of a planet pulls at rocks in space.This is the essence of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

Image result for black hole sketch

The gravitational force in some objects in the Universe becomes so powerful and pulls down the space-time grid to such an extent that creates “Black Holes” that are so deep and dark that, even light cannot get out. Celestial bodies including stars collapse in these black holes. Because no light can get out, people can't see black holes. They are invisible. Black holes can be big or small, ranging from less than an atom to “supermassive” that are more than 1 million suns together.

Suppose that there is a star about 20 times more massive than the Sun. When this star runs out of fuel, the gravity will overwhelm the natural pressure that the star maintains to keep its shape stable. As the pressure from nuclear reactions collapse, gravity will violently overwhelm and collapse the core. Other layers will be flung into space called supernova. The remaining core collapses into a gravitational singularity- a one-dimensional point which contains infinite mass in an infinitely small space, leading to tremendous energy. The gravity becomes infinite and space-time curves infinitely, and where the laws of physics, as we know them, cease to operate. 

A mention of the black holes was also made in the ancient Indian scripture, Mandukya Upanishad (400 BC) which talks about Vishwaruchi that absorbs everything in the Universe - black hole.
Vedic cosmology has so many eerie parallels with the Western knowledge of the Universe, that Nobel Prize winner and nuclear scientist Niels Bohr once wrote, “I go into the Upanishads to ask questions.” Thus, scientists have started coming round to the view that the mystics were on the right track. They have stopped smirking and their minds have opened to the possibility that the Rishis could be right.

The Puranas- spiritual texts of the mystics (500 to 1500 BC), describes the many worlds or parallel Universes that exist in different planes. It is now that science has started accepting that there could be parallel Universes called Multiverse. “There are vibrations of different Universes right here, right now. We’re just not in tune with it. There are probably other parallel Universes in this living room – this is modern physics. This is the modern interpretation of quantum theory, that many worlds represent reality” says Michio Kaku, one of the greatest modern scientists.

Maybe the time has come for the mystics to assert themselves. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Zooming down the Rabbit Hole - Leela Revisited (2)

The scientists took the challenge that they had given the mystics very seriously. “How do we explain existence?” they huddled together and whispered amongst themselves. Someone suggested, “Maybe if we zoomed down to the smallest particle of matter, then it would become simple to then multiply the singular-most particle of nature by itself to explain the construction of the Universe. This building block could explain the Theory of Everything. Voila!” Everyone nodded their heads, smiled at each other and got down to work.

So, a group of scientists took different mixtures – a bowl of vegetable tossed salad, a glass of salt water, a mixed bag of sweets and started dismantling it to drill down to its smallest part. The salad, salt water and sweets are substances made by combining two or more different materials in such a way that no chemical reaction occurs, and can be separated easily. For example, once the salt and water were separated, they became two molecules – water (H2O) and Salt (NaCl).

Each of these molecules was made up of atoms. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms chemically bonded to make water molecule while sodium and chlorine atoms chemically joined to make salt molecule. These bonds are formed as a result of the sharing or exchange of electrons among atoms and this sharing create stability while shedding or acquiring electrical charge to become electrically neutral.  Like alphabets join together to make a word, atoms join together to make a molecule. Just as there are words of all lengths, a typical molecule may contain a few or a hundred or even a hundred thousand atoms. 
The atom of Oxygen gets stabilized when
it borrows one electron each
from the 2 atoms of Hydrogen 

Sodium sheds its extra electron to Chlorine and thus becomes
Electrically neutral and stable to form Salt molecule

If the size of the electron orbit is that of a football stadium
then the size of the entire nucleus would be that of a marble

Atoms are the smallest bits of ordinary matter and are made of just three basic components: electrons (negative electrical charge) whirling around a nucleus composed of neutrons (no electrical charge) and protons (positive electrical charge). An atom is so microscopic that to understand its size, we can use an analogy of a hydrogen atom which is about a quarter of a billion times smaller than a golf ball. If you imagine the hydrogen atom to be the size of a golf ball, then the golf ball would become as large as the earth. WOW!

If you change the number of neutrons an atom has, you make an isotope of that element. And, if you change the number of protons an atom has, you change the type of element it is.Currently, scientists know of 118 different elements.These elements are arranged on a chart called the Periodic Table of Elements.

Elements like gold, silver, copper and carbon, have been known for thousands of years. Others, such as meitnerium, darmstadtium and ununquadium, have only recently been discovered by scientists. 

The first 94 elements are found naturally, while the balance are synthesised in laboratory.

All matter is held together by four fundamental forces – The Strong Nuclear Force that binds the nuclei, the electromagnetic force that exists between all particles that have an electric charge, the weak nuclear force that is responsible for decay processes involving fundamental particles and the gravitational force that holds us onto earth and binds the galaxy.
The gravity pulls you to your seat,the electromagnetic separates you from your seat,
while the strong force holds the nucleus together and the weak force create the radioactive decay.
Without these forces, everything would fall apart and float away.

The scientists were ecstatic! They had discovered the atom and its composition and the fundamental forces of nature and were sure that they had affected the breakthrough that they were seeking. If they were bathing in a water tub, they would have gone running around naked shouting “Eureka, Eureka”. But because they were wearing clothes, they gathered together, excited and happy, “From a mixture to a molecule to an atom, we have reached the smallest building blocks. Let’s go to the mystics and tell them that all their mumbo jumbo about connectivity of matter and consciousness is utter nonsense. The Universe is uniquely matter and it has no connection to mind or consciousness.” 

But the rejoicing was premature ! The atom was NOT the smallest matter. While the electron is a truly fundamental particle (it is one of a family of particles known as leptons), it was found that neutrons and protons are made of smaller particles, known as quarks.

"Oh Gosh! when are where will this reduction of matter end?", one of the younger scientist started crying. By the 1930, more subatomic particles were discovered, much smaller than atoms. Some were particles that made up the protons and neutrons. Some were anti-particles. The list of these subatomic particles discovered till now includes baryons, leptons, mesons, quarks, gluons, electrons and neutrinos. These subatomic particles were joined by light particles called photons.

Sub-atomic particles with different spins, charge and mass
Large Hadron Collider, a particle accelerator, built over 27 kms of magnetic tunnels at CERN where particles are accelerated by magnetic force from opposite sides and banged against each other to possibly create subatomic particles, can be the game changer. Already the Higgs boson particle has been discovered due to the CERN experiment !

The scientists looked at each other with astonishment and dismay. “Just when we thought we had it all sewn up, something new comes up and demolishes our theory” they said “Let us try and relook at our concepts and understandings once again. Maybe the mystics’ worldview was not far off the mark.”

PS: Every person's journey of self-discovery is unique and different. This is mine and I am sharing the same. I am not looking for some Guru or expert who can give me readymade answers. I am travelling on this path and that journey itself is so enriching. I seek no short cut.

PPS: In my attempt to explain in the simplest language, I might be over-simplifying and rushing over subjects. This is good for first-timers or those seeking an overview, but might be too simplistic for someone deeply steeped in this knowledge. Do let me know, if you would like to understand in more details.

PPPS: Next week will be about theory of relativity and Einstein, black holes and the Cosmos. Do give your feedback.


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Mystics and scientists. LEELA Revisited (part 1)

As I take a backseat from political activity, my mind advices “C’mon, your innings in politics is finished for now. You had taken a sabbatical from your spiritual search in 2011 for a few years. Now that sabbatical is over, come back and focus on the real purpose of life – the self-discovery of the Truth. Your involvement and participation, in an objective and detached manner, has been fruitful during a crucial part of this country’s history. You can go back rest assured, that India’s political churning has begun. One phase of Leela (the game of life) is over.”  

Before I quit my job for the India against Corruption movement, I was exploring the four crucial questions to seek the Ultimate Reality.  Now these existential questions, which I had falsely imagined to have suppressed, have again become vehement, demanding attention.

  1. What is existence?
  2. Who am I?
  3. What is my role in this Leela – the game of life?
  4. And, finally, how best can I play this role?

So, in this new series of writings – I intend to share the journey of self-discovery in a much deeper manner than my earlier blog series. This journey will take us into the realms of quantum physics and spirituality. There will be many original theories; also we shall borrow ideas and sometimes language from various scientists, physicists, philosophers and philosophies, wherever needed. It will be my attempt to simplify, even over-simplify complex matters so that the lay person can understand.

Come; buckle your seatbelts as we begin this wonderful and exciting voyage. I, on my part, will abandon Rajas (the action, excitement and passion) of political activities for sattva (purity, peace and love) and meditate, reflect and ponder.

The theory of everything has a common theory to explain everything
The first question that I ask myself is about existence. What exactly is Reality? 
What is its building block of the Universe? Is there some particle or cell or atom that is the smallest part of reality which can be multiplied again and again to make the Universe? What is this TOE – the Theory of Everything? 

Around five centuries back, the scientists told the mystics “Guys, you are using faith, prayers and meditation to explain the TOE. That’s not done. It is so unscientific and unverifiable. We, the intellectuals of the scientific fraternity will give you the true picture of Reality.”

The mystic and scientist resides within each of us
The mystics were upset. They said, “Instead of the objective knowledge that you use, in which you find out things through experiments, we SEE knowledge. We are “seers”. We go into deep meditation and quite our minds and the Truth starts flowing into us. In this state, we understand the characteristics of the forces of nature.”The scientists laughed “What a load of rubbish! Give us some time and we will give you the True Reality based on scientific principles of enquiry. You have just imagined some stuff and peddle it as your Truth.  All your understanding is just based on faith and belief.”

“That is neither fair nor true. We have extremely rigid methods of investigation and our philosophies have to pass various examinations and tests before they are even considered.” the seers protested “These means of knowledge are reasoning or logic, Perception, Inference, Comparison, Postulation, written scriptures by meditating saints and Verbal Testimony. All our books and scriptures are not mumbo-jumbo, but based on subjective knowledge. A searchlight of reason and logic permeates all our knowledge.”

The scientists smiled with amusement “You mystics correlate mind and matter. Actually, these two (mind and matter) are two independent realms. Matter is dead and completely separate from living beings. The world is to be exploited for development of mankind. This exploitation will lead to huge advances in the field of science, technology, organizing of cities, political structures, medicines, agriculture, economy and similar.”

A condescending smile escaped the mystics, “Go ahead and search for answers. I am sure that science will lead to lots of inventions and understandings, but eventually, you will realize that what we are proposing is not far from what you might discover. Wish you all the best.”

So, the mystics went back to their study and meditation. The scientists intensified their works in all branches. Philosopher Rene Descartes’ materialistic theory (1644 AD) called Cartesian principles considered the world as a machine to be used for mankind, dominated the thought process of the world. New elements were found, technological development became predominant, fertilizers were created, new strains of cattle and animals were created, modern medicine and diagnostic machines were developed, new stars and constellations were found, economy prospered in many parts of the world and human life expectancy increased.

But due to the Cartesian worldview, individuals started identifying themselves as separate mind and separate body parts with the futile expectation of the mind trying to control the various compartments of talent, feeling, beliefs, and individuality. This led to endless inner conflicts generating confusions, stress and frustrations. This inner fragmentation alienated us from nature and from our fellow beings. This view was further extended to society which got split into different nations, races, religions, groups and political entities leading to the present ecological, political, social and cultural crises.

But, what happened in medicine and physics in the past few centuries was interesting.

Modern medicine made outstanding progress, creating high technology tools and equipments for diagnosis. Breakthrough in medicines to treat diseases including TB, leprosy and cancer were made. Surgeries were fine-tuned and improved. Life expectancy increased every decade. But, there were some illnesses that modern allopathic medicine could not treat. New life-style diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, asthma were consuming people and modern medicine was finding it tough to counter these. Most of these diseases were stress and mind related. The mind was affecting the body and vice versa.

“Could the theory of those mystics that we left behind, of interconnectivity between mind and matter, be correct?” the doctors started wondering. Soon, further study and research led them to questioning the earlier concepts and they realized that over 80% of all diseases are psychosomatic (caused or aggravated by mental factors). Maybe the seers were right after all!

The developments in physics were still more exciting.

Physics was developing rapidly and major discoveries and inventions were being made. A smug satisfaction was visible in physicists who felt that they had understood the laws of nature based on physics. Lord Kelvin in the 1880s even said that “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.”

But they were soon to be surprised. In 1927, German physicist Werner Heisenberg published the “uncertainty principle” that showed that the outcome of an experiment depended on the experimenter. Thus from an observer, we became a participant in every activity of the world. Matter was not separate from consciousness. There was connection between each and every being and what was considered as inert matter. The Cartesian principle of materialism was collapsing. Could the mystics who talked about synthesis and connectivity between mind and matter be right? New experiments and theories in this new physics or quantum physics was turning classical physics on its head and proving this connectivity, absolutely. 
The probability of the cat being dead or alive is equal.  Only when the box is opened and an observation performed does the wave function collapse into one of the two states.
The scientists huddled together – is the mystic’s worldview right? The debate rages.

In these wonderful and exciting times, let us join the debate. It is time for us mystics to speak the language of science and develop a bridge between science and spirituality.