Thursday, March 31, 2011

Continuous LEELA - meaning of the Game

All species on the Earth work as per the rules, laws and limitations (maya) of the game. The Grand Design involved billions of years of the game of LEELA operating on cyclic days, years and Yugas. The Creator took the basic raw material of scalar energy. He then slowed this extremely high frequency energy to create the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements then manifested itself into forms. The solar system, earth, plants, birds and animals were created which operated by pre-determined rules.

But the Creator of LEELA has a great sense of humour. He has thrown in some more twists.

The human race was created after all the species of plants, insects, birds and animals were saturated. This human race had more intelligence, more developed nervous system and more eveolved consciousness, compared to the earlier species.

The Creator had designed the game of LEELA to give humans something that it had not given the others - FREE WILL.

Let us continue the story of Mike. Mike is born in this life at an average frequency of 450 Hz. He has the intelligence and the free will to either stay at this frequency or go up or down. Mike will need to use his choices, his intelligence and his free will to decide on his thoughts and actions. While the inexorable flow of events is pulling Mike towards the determined cyclic events - he still has a free will to decide some things in his life. Right now, the flow is evolutionary. The worst point in the Kaliyuga is over and evolution is part of the environment.

What is the extent of determinism and free will ? Let us look at an example. For example, if one was standing up to the waist in the sea, the deterministic waves would be coming and going all the time, depending on the tide, which in turn depended on the moon cycle. Within this movement of the pre determined waves, one still has the choice to push some of the waves away and create a small area where one could create their own temporary ripples. Similarly, the deterministic movement of the inexorable LEELA is like the waves. A human's free will is only capable of creating temporary ripples in the movement of the LEELA.

Mike has the choice to fine-tune his life and destiny using the three qualities (guna) - Sattva (high frequency or purity), Rajas (Medium frequency or action) and Tamas (Low frequency or inertia. While Mike is born with a certain frequency and characteristics (prakriti) and in a certain environment, he has been given the free will to change both - his prakriti and his environment. And to change, he can use his decisions in the choice of food (aahar), recreation (vihaar), behaviour or demeanour (aachar) and thought (vichaar) (AAHAR- VIHAAR-AACHAR-VICHAAR).

The extent and direction of the change will be determined by Mike's knowledge and intention. He could have vidya (right knowledge), avidya (lack of knowledge) or kuvidya (false knowledge) and that would determine his actions. If Mike has Vidya, then he would try and increase his frequency by using more of sattva guna, Avidya would drive him to use more of Rajas guna, retaining his present energy while usage of kuvidya would bring in ego, anger, jealousy (tamas) to bring down the frequency.

As mentioned in the earlier blogs, LEELA is a game played at different layers. We are presently at level 8 - the BHUR Loka stage. Like a computer game, players come and play and when they defeat the evil forces or achieve the goals, they go from stage 1 to stage 2 and so on. Mike is like a computer game player. In this Avatar in the Bhur Loka, he has a human body, some free will and an existing prakriti and environment. The LEELA game is designed in a manner that he can use his free will to increase frequency or decrease over many lifetimes.

If Mike has the right vidya or knowledge, he will use sattva and increase his frequency, to go to the next higher levels.

For example, suppose the entry level frequency of Bhur Loka is 300 Hz and Exit level is 800 Hz. Mike is born at 450Hz and then he uses his vidya to increase it in this life time to 600 Hz. Over the next few lifetimes, he goes to a frequency of 850 Hz. Now, Mike does not need to come back and play at the Bhur loka stage 8. But he goes to the next level of the game, stage 9 - BHUVAR Loka. Suppose, he played the game brilliantly and increased his level to 1500 Hz, then he can go straight to level 10 - SVAR Loka, if 2500. then to level 12 - JANA loka and if he could increase it to 3000 Hz, then he would straight away reach the highest game level - Level 14 - SATYA Loka.

So, the speed of evolution in LEELA depends on Mike and his free will.

Suppose, Mike did not have the right knowledge. He had avidya or kuvidya. Then he would make choices which uses more of tamas. That would bring down his frequency. And he can fall down to the next lower level, the 7th one - ATALA Loka, or maybe right down to the lowest level - PATALA Loka.

That is the game of LEELA. The usage of the three gunas to go up and down the levels of existence.

So, let us look at LEELA one more time.

One is given a certain prakruti or starting frequency and an environment. Within the environment and nature are embedded various guides (gurus), energy modules, books, scriptures, high energy people, temples, high energy places, yantra, tantra, mantras, Gods, Rishis and thousands of similar tools. One has to use one's intelligence and knowledge to recognise them, and then use them. Lead life of sattva gunas while indulging in aahar-vihaar- aachar and vichaar. That will propel the growth.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still more LEELA - the setting

The game of LEELA continues. The Universe and its inhabitants with its rules and systems (maya) is operating well. This extremely complex and brilliantly designed game also has a cyclic and time component. It uses energy to drive the entire LEELA with a mixture of higher energy (sattva), middle range (rajas) and lower frequency (tamas), used in different proportion at different times.

Cyclic Existence

Like the celestial bodies determine the morning, afternoon, evening, night and again day on a daily basis.

Like the celestial bodies determine the summer, winter, monsoon and again summer on a annual basis.

Similarly on a much larger time frame, existence is moving through its planned cycle of energy, with Satyuga (100% sattva), Treta Yuga (3/4th Sattva), Dwapar Yuga (1/2 Sattva) to Kaliyuga (1/4th Sattva) to Satyuga again.


As we saw in the last blog, Mike has now taken human birth one more time. He is an energy body like all of us, having a mean energy of 450 Hz, spread over his seven chakras. He is also more pitta (fire constitution) and is living in the Kaliyuga.

In the Kaliyuga, the pure energy (sattva) or the higher frequency energy is around 25% . The game has to be played in a manner that sattva cannot be allowed to be completely obliterated. So, as per the game structure, new players are born every second - some of higher energy and some of extremely low frequency. As the trough or lowest point of kaliyuga is crossed, new beings are born that are more intelligent, more sensitive and overall. Every decade, we see more and more people moving around all over the earth seeking meaning and in a subconscious manner, higher energy. People may not understand themselves nor understand why they are searching, but the game is moving all the time, pre-destined and planned. The seeking for increasing purity has begun, slowly but surely.

Articles on spirituality, Saints and speakers of various denomination, formation of New Age religions, discussions on religious and spiritual issues is slowly pushing up the sattva aspect in mankind. But still, these are like blind men looking at the Elephant parts - with no idea of the complete animal. Someone feels one part and thinks that he only knows. But as the movement continues towards Satyuga, more and more complete knowledge will come.

So, Mike had taken human birth at the time that the game of LEELA is proceeding towards higher energy from the lowest it has reached. So, evolution is a natural instinct.

Mike's constitution

We are all made up of the five elements - ether or space, air, fire, water and earth. The proportion of the element of the energy (prana) which entered the womb and the proportion of the element in the zygote created by the sperm and the ovary will determine the constitution (Prakriti) of Mike when he is born. What is the percentage of Vata (air and ether), Pitta (fire and earth) and Kapha (water and earth) in his mind-body? The proportions will determine his body structure, his thoughts and his attitude.

Mike is made up of 55% of Pitta (fire predominance), 25% of Vata (air ) and 20% of Kapha (water). Therefore Mike is likely to be of medium physique, strong and well built. His mind will be sharp with good concentration powers. Assertive, self confident and aggressive. Pushy, competitive, passionate and irritative with excellent analytical skills, Mike is a typical Pitta person. He will be healthy as long as his constitution remains the same as during the time of his birth. But as it changes due to his food, behaviour, environment and thoughts, he will start feeling unease and that imbalance of his elements will lead to diseases.

Mike's energy distribution

Mike has been born with a mean frequency of 450. This energy is distributed over all his body and is related to the energy of the chakras. He has the maximum energy in his solar plexus chakra or the manipura. That means that Mike would be likely to be more concerned with relationships, earnings, family, peer reviews, business and having a "good" life.

After the manipura chakra, he has maximum energy in the sex chakra (swadhisthana) and root chakra (manipura) and thus he is rooted, interested in pursuing material pleasures, healthy and grounded.

The upper chakras are not well nourished and therefore Mike is not likely, in normal course to be a seeker of spiritual knowledge nor have an altruistic streak. He would be more concerned about himself and his close ones.

This is how Mike is, when he was born.

Along with Mike, in his locality were born Jai, a son of the Municipal sweeper of an average frequency of 330 Hz and Seema, the daughter of a teacher of an average energy of 650 Hz. They were born in Mumbai, which is a medium level geographic spot in India.

We are now looking at this billion of years old game LEELA, when Mike has taken birth.....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Leela - birth of Mike

This writings in the series of LEELA, is probably the more important ones that I have written. While it is written in a playful, tongue-in-cheek style - it is my complete understanding of existence.

The LEELA game of existence that I described in the last blog is now getting more and more complex. After the Big Bang, the formation of the Solar system, the earth and the introduction of life force, the humans have started appearing, Over millions of years, each generation is evolving into more complex and more intelligent human beings.

Let me reiterate - we are all energy bodies. When the energy or the prana withdraws from the human body, physical death takes place. The energy that can never be created nor destroyed changes form after that. This energy that withdraws from the body becomes part of the space energy, but stays together as a unit.

Today, we will assume some names and numbers for simpler understanding of an extremely complex process. Let us assume that there is an energy body or unit in space. Let us call this player in the game of LEELA - Mike. This Mike, like everyone in existence, is an energy body. This energy is an electromagnetic scalar energy, which cannot be measured using normal equipments, as scalar energy does not have direction, but only magnitude. Energy cannot be destroyed nor created, but can change form. Mike's energy slows down and speeds up and thus changes form. Mike's energy or prana has left its earlier physical body before many, many years and is now in space.

Mike's energy body is of a frequency range between 300 Hz to 800 Hz. Its mean frequency is of 450 Hz. The attitude / behaviour patterns of when he had left his last life (manomaya kosha), the knowledge of his last life (vijnanmaya kosha) and the depth of truth, consciousness and bliss (sat-chit-anand) through the Anandamaya kosha. Having passed through the necessary cycle post-death (will write about the post-death cycle some time later), Mike is ready for taking a human birth.

Phase 5 - Mike's Human birth:

The sperm and the ovum create a zygote, which have the characteristics of both the parents. This embryo starts developing, and at the end of a month, the head starts developing and then in the second month, the upper, lower extremities and other parts of the body start developing. In the third month of pregnancy, bones, skin, hairs and nails develop. Also in the third month, the external genital organs are formed. The 23 chromosomes of the father and the 23 chromosomes of the mother is responsible for the characteristics of the child that is being formed, till now. So, part of the physical, emotional, mental growth is determined by the parents. Now a twist is thrown in the game.

The partially formed womb is now ready to attract a certain frequency of energy, or prana. And because the parent's average energy was close to 450 hz, it starts pulling pranas which are close to 450 hz and ready to take birth.

Mike, the key player in this LEELA reaches first out of the thousand similar frequency energies in space that are ready to take birth. The womb in addition to the qualities of the parents takes on the characteristics of Mike, the energy. This energy that was stored in space along with the karmas (charge of the last life) enters this new womb. Then based on the womb along with Mike's energy, the various tissues start getting formed from the 4th month - the tissue fluids (Rasa), leading to Blood (rakta), leading to muscles (mamsa) will lead to formation of bones (Asthi). This will finally lead to the reproductive fluids (shukra) . Thus depending on the mixture of the energies of the womb and Mike, the formation of the new child - Mike will be determined.

With the ninth month, the baby Mike will come out of his mother's body. He is now ready to become one of the heroes of the LEELA game. He has continued from where he left in his last life, but he has now got a mixture of his energy and karma of the last life along with some genetic characteristics of his parents. Depending on all of these, his mean frequency of 450 Hz is distributed over the seven chakras. 20% of it in the Root chakra (muladhar) of 300 Hz, 20% energy in the sexual chakra (Swadhisthana) around 380 Hz, a maximum of 40% energy in the solar plexus chakra (manipura) of around 450 Hz and then distributed over the heart chakra (Anahata) - 5%, Throat (Visshuddha)- 5%, Third eye (Ajna) 5% and Crown chakra (Sahasrara)- 5% being the highest with 800 Hz.

Therefore, Mike with a mean frequency of 450 Hz is now divided over all seven chakras with the maximum on the Solar Plexus (Manipura). Therefore Mike will be more concerned with the characteristics of Manipura chakras - business, work, family, name, fame, money etc. His life will revolve around leading a good, comfortable life with peer esteem. His mind and body will be focussed towards making the most comfortable life possible. As he has more energy on the swadhistana and muladhar - he will be rooted and secure, interest towards good food, travelling, comfort, sex and will be plagued with jealousy, anger, mood swings, momentary pleasures and pains etc. Interest in serving others, altruism, deep study and research, search for the Truth etc will not be part of his quest.

What is the composition (prakriti) of Mike? Does he have more air or water or fire? What is its proportion? Let us assume that Mike's prakriti (constitution) is more of Fire (55%) and less of Water (25%) and still less of Earth (20%). Therefore Mike's will have more characteristics of Fire element - ruddy complexion, proportional body, bright eyes and medium body structure. His mind will be sharp, his words will be penetrative, his anger and sarcasm very cutting, tremendous envy, jealousy and ego, his analytical skill and grasping power will be fast.

Thus Mike is now created and ready to play the game of LEELA with these qualities, energies and characteristics.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Leela - the game of life

In this weekend writing, let me continue with the playful mood and look at existence as "LEELA". LEELA means 'game' or 'past time' or 'play' or 'sport'.

This game is created and designed by someone. We can only speculate about Who created the game or Why was this created. But we can surely try and comprehend the "What" of this leela. This LEELA is like a brilliantly planned, self - organized and self sustaining computer game. We, humans, are just playing one of the major roles. The logic of the game is based on rigid, immutable laws, principles and has a cyclic periodicity.

At any given time, there are 14 stages of the game going on - starting with the world or loka of least consciousness called the Patala loka, followed by Rasatala loka, followed by Mahatala, Talatala, Sutala, Vitala, Atala lokas. The stage 8, which is Bhur loka is where humans in the form that we recognise are part of this complex game. As humans get moksha they graduate to the higher frequency worlds called (9) Bhuvar - loka (10) Svar - loka (11) Mahar loka (12) Jana Loka (13) Tapa loka and the highest (14) Satya loka. It is from Bhur Loka that humans can catapult themselves to the higher lokas, depending on the escape velocity of their frequency at the time of their physical death.

All creation is a mixture of the five elements - ether, air, fire, water and the earth. These five elements are actually just frequencies of energy that have coalesced into these five forms. Decrease of frequency can convert air into liquid and more densification can convert into solid (example : water vapour to water to ice).

So, let us look at this stage in the LEELA game and break it up into phases:

Phase 1 -Solar System :

The Bhurloka stage of game begins 13.6 billion years ago with the creation of the solar system through a BIG BANG or explosion of the "hiranyagarbh" or "bindu". As it exploded, the space it encompassed started expanding and continues doing so even till today. As the gases started solidifying, masses of solidified celestial bodies started forming. These solidified celestial bodies have laws of thermodynamics and gravity wields a certain influence on each of the components of existence. The movement of these bodies in the solar system has an impact on the behaviour and reaction of other parts of this game (example : (1) The effect of the moon on the tides and the water element in human bodies and (2) the complete science and study of the impact of the solar system on a human being (Astrology). The cyclic movements of the solar system would impact humans and others beings in a cyclic manner.

Phase 2 - Earth:

After a few billions years, within the Universe in this LEELA game, started the formation of the earth or BHURLOKA (stage 8). This earth is the location which is the setting of LEELA and where we are the participants. Like everything else, it has a set of the five elements densified into materials.

As in the solar system, the range of the elements is always within a certain set of range. For example, the temperature of the atmosphere is varying between minus 40 degrees to a maximum of 55 degrees, atmospheric pressure is also within a certain range, amount of oxygen does not become less than a certain level nor more than a certain percentage of air. The entire atmosphere and environment is controlled by some immutable laws like the law of gravity or the laws of thermodynamics etc. So, everything is well structured and intelligently planned in the LEELA.

But the Creator has a wierd sense of humour. As a twist in the game, some of the elements might play crazy - the air element may create hurricane, the fire element could explode volcanoes, the earth element would create earthquakes and along with the water element create tsunamis. The water element could create huge storms in the sea and along with the earth create avalanches. But mark you, all of this also is within a range. For example, the earthquake in Japan was 8.9 reichter, when it would well has been 12 or 15. The wind could have a velocity upto 180 kms/ hr, when it could be 300....similarly, the LEELA game specifies that while the elements go crazy for a while- it would still be in a certain range, else the set would be completely destroyed.

Phase 3 - Creation:

Having created the background of the universe and the earth, it needs to fill in stuff in the earth. So, LEELA uses the five elements to create various materials filling them with increased levels of consciousness to make it more and more exciting. The creation starts with the creation of rocks, stones and earth (physical world). This continues for a few billion years and once it gets saturated, the world of plants with increasing amount of consciousness, intelligence and complexity starts getting created till that got saturated too. Next creation was the animal world with the creation of the first cell with nuclei which evolved into worms, insects, birds, animals and mammals with more and more consciousness. Thus as the consciousness increased - it led to more intellectual ability, more complex brain structure, more sophisticated and sensitive nervous and other system. Now, the stage in this version of the game is set for the human race.

Phase 4 - Human creation:

This stage after a few billion years is the most interesting and exciting one in the LEELA game. The creator is now making the creation more and more complex and intelligent. Hence, after the formation and saturation of the animal kingdom, the first vestige of the human race starts getting visible. From apes to homo sapiens, the evolution of humans over centuries creates players who can play the game well. The homo sapiens' consciousness has increased with increase of intelligence and sensitivity. One can find higher size of brain, intellect and more complex nervous system in modern man than the pre historic one. For the first time, the Creator has given some right of impacting the game to the human race.

More in next weekend's blog

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reflection: why of life

Existence is just dance of different frequencies of energy. Birth, sustenance and death - the complete cycle continues, on and on and aptly called the dance of the Shiva. Like everyone and everything, we are also just energy bodies - made up of a range of electrons, protons and neutron dancing in a random brownian motion in each cell. The energy moves through the nadis while the chakras distribute it across the body.

This scalar electromagnetic energy is also called "prana" or "Chi" and is the source of life. The minute the prana goes from the body- we are just a piece of flesh, ready to disintegrate. And the prana then takes another body and we live our lives with all our insecurities, fears, small pleasures, attachments and passion, till the next cycle. We go through our lives with so much interest, seriousness and attachment - while knowing fully well that it has no permanence or even any serious value.

Is there a purpose in life? Why are we so serious? Why do we grieve at death? Why do we celebrate birth? Why do small problems imbalance us, why do we get angry, why do we feel sad, why do we feel happy at small pleasures, what is the meaning of spiritual, mental, physical attempts, why, why, why?????? Are we like the roadside dogs who chase the cars worthlessly and get tired? And when the next car comes, we run along with it till we get tired and so on.

Sometimes I know the answers and sometimes these questions deluge me. Let me confess that while I have some clue to the meaning of existence and how to live it - many-a-times I question myself about the veracity of my answers. There are people who are self-assured and go through life confident and sure - I am not one of them. My introspection and reflections - some of which I share here, many-a-times lead me to disattachment (vairagya) and I sit alone and weep with the feeling of being lost in the maze of questions. Most of the times, I have been fortunate to find answers to my specific questions during the next meditational trance. Anyway, let me get off that mood.

So, what is the purpose of life? Let me give a simplistic, cheeky and playful description:

"I think we are players inside an extraordinary and complex self-sustaining and self-operating computer game, with terrific graphics all in 3D or holographs. There are set rules and principles for the players eg. law of gravity, thermodynamic laws etc. The five elements that make everything is represented in the layout with the sun, solar system, seas, wind, earth etc. This set with the holographic graphics and rules can be called illusion or "Maya".

Every player has some characteristics - physical (annamaya kosha), bio energy (pranamaya), attitude and behavior (manomaya) knowledge (vijnanamaya) and spiritual (anandamaya kosha). While plants have limited locomotive After the player leaves his form (body), he can take another form (after a period of time ) with the same characteristics that he left in the earlier avatar. Like in a sophisticated and complex computer game, there are multiple options and each related to the movement of the various components - the maya parts and the other players.

Like in a violent computer game, we have access to energy modules - yoga, meditation, yantra, tantra, mantra, gurus, books, satsang etc to increase our energy levels. That would help us develop our higher frequencies and after many lifetimes when we have been able to achieve energy levels that are beyond stage 8, we are ready to move into higher stages. That is the goal and purpose of this game series."

What is stage 8? What are the other stages?

In hindu worldview, we are in a frequency world called (8) Bhur- loka. There are higher frequency worlds and lower ones. The higher ones are called (9) Bhuvar - loka (10) Svar - loka (11) Mahar loka (12) Jana Loka (13) Tapa loka and the highest (14) Satya loka. The lower worlds are (7) Atala loka, (6) Vitala loka (5) Sutala loka (4) Talatala loka (3) Mahatala loka (2) Rasatala loka with the lowest one being (1) Patala loka.

So, as our energy levels increase we can cross onto higher frequency worlds and as it discreases it can fall into the lower lokas.