Friday, May 27, 2011

LEELA - Level3, Seema and Gurus

LEELA - the cosmic game of existence is essentially like a Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) that is being played on the computer. The human players on the stage 8 - Bhurloka, can be broadly classified into three, based on their mean energy frequencies.

As a parallel to that classification, Gagangiri Maharaj, a great yogi, used to say that there are three planes of consciousness.

At level 1, the person is first aware of his own body-mind system and observes from moment to moment the complex inward processes which are happening inside him.

At level 2, as he is not a closed being, he is also listening attentively to the world and to the people. He is aware of their individual and collective problems. With a sense of objectivity and detachment coupled with involvement and participation, he can find out relevant solutions to their problems.

Finally at level 3, his uniqueness lies in being aware of the dynamic potentiality of the Other World : the Divine World of Peace, Compassion and Beauty. Through his meditative awareness, he is praying on behalf of the many for bringing Grace and Happiness to all.

In earlier blogs, we looked at Jai operating at 330 Hz (level 1) and saw how he was more focussed on his body and mind, then looked at Mike at 450 Hz (level 2) and how his values, ethics and goals were about peace, love and service. Today, we shall consider Seema, who is born with a mean frequency of 650 Hz and is operating at level 3.

Her operative field is the world beyond sensory.

For Seema, life is a search for truth, consciousness and ecstasy (Sat-chit-ananda).

Active Chakras : Ajna or the third eye chakra, Crown chakra or Sahasrara.

Understanding of God or nature : The concept of God now undergoes a drastic change. One no longer feels distant from God, but a part of Him. Humanity and existence feel as if it is part of one's self. You are not just a boat caught in a storm being thrown from one side to other by nature. You are the storm, the environment and its LEELA.

Unlike the level one and level two that believes that God is separate and needs to be conciliated, there is no fear nor temptation in reference to God, because one is a part of Him. The search now is to find one's inner self. A genuine and real Guru in this level 3 is critical. The real role of a Guru is to introduce a person to his own self. To unveil the clouds of ignorance and unawareness.

Understanding and aspirations : The purpose of existence is UNION with one's self - the search is inward. Relations with family, friends, spouse, society, nation hold no significance. Sensual gratification is no longer important. Cleanliness, satsanga (company of evolved people), visiting high energy places (temples, yogis, religious places), discussing, reading and pondering about existential issues becomes the purpose of life. There is an increased intuitive knowledge, an increase in the natural psychic powers. One starts having instinctively clarity of thoughts, insights and wisdom. Allows one to connect to the "inner guru" or "higher self" for guidance and inspiration.

The passion to improve or change existence, family, others, nation is no longer an issue. One starts recognizing that nature and existence is perfect and everything is as it should be. A surrender to nature and God becomes a second nature of people in level 3. One does not get surprised by any event, one feels that there is a purpose for every second of his life and every incident. One is forever trying to decipher meaning to every occurrence.

Values: The yearning for unity with all leads to love, understanding and compassion for all reality. Competition fades as one realises that we are all part of the same God. There is a crazy desire about becoming one with the maker, the surrendering to existence is intense, one feels that one is complete and perfect and therefore there is no need for approval nor recognition from society or others. Organised religion is no longer enough, the need is to go beyond rituals and religious props.

Food and lifestyle: Purity is the most important factor in food. Not just that the food should be sattvik (pure), without much spices and richness - but most importantly, the vibration of the food should be pure. Many level 3 people prepare their own food or get it made from their trusted cooks. The highly intuitive ability of people like Seema means that negative vibrations of the person cooking could enter her vibrations and disturb it. Food becomes a tool to organize vibrations and frequencies that enter the body. One prefers living more and more in the lap of nature, away from pollution of air, water, sound and food. An inclination for solitude and nature is prominent.

Very, very few people have traits common with SEEMA. It is only some saints that think and behave like SEEMA.

SEEMA with her frequency of 650 Hz is not too far from the escape energy of 790 Hz and if she keeps on working on her higher chakras and can surrender her ego, she has a good chance of going past the Bhurloka stage. But she needs guidance. The path now is very tough and treacherous.

So in this game of MMORPG, the creator has made some special players called Gurus. I only refer to a few genuine and real Gurus - the other kind are a dime-a-dozen. Gurus are created in this computer game to push people like SEEMA towards salvation from this stage.

There are generalist Gurus, who teach good things to humanity, who have millions of followers, incredible wealth, builds empires, political support and ashrams. They spread their name, fame and followers around the world. These gurus also play an important role in increasing knowledge and love in the universe.

But it is the other Gurus whom I venerate. They have no desire for fame, name nor money. Their only work is to identify people like SEEMA, introduce them to their inner guru and increase their frequencies. Remove the veil of ignorance and explain to them the reality of life and existence. These gurus play their role in anonymity and with simplicity.

When Arjuna in the Mahabharata wanted to quit the war, Krishna - the real Guru, showed him the real purpose of existence. He explained to him through the Bhagawat Geeta to understand reality and do his duty without running away. He was just a player in MMORPG and it was his role to fight the forces of evil. This was a huge game extending over millions of years and crores of lives and lifetimes. The game was designed in a manner that Arjun the warrior player was given a certain role. Similarly, roles had been given to his relatives whom he was facing. The game called upon him to just play his part and not involve his ego and level 2 values. To trust existence and play his part. The Geeta or the song celestial is one of the most wonderful book in the world, explaining logically the game and how one should play the role in the LEELA - the game of life.

SEEMA's interest would take her towards studying and understanding that there is a much higher reality than peace, love and family. Her exposure to the writings of a Geeta, Upanishads, Vedas and other spiritual books would open up her vistas. And, if she gets a real Guru, then her journey towards salvation (moksha) would be on its way.

Friday, May 20, 2011

LEELA - Mike at Level 2

Was just browsing through some of the popular Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). It is really interesting ! Thousands of players can role play each game at the same time in a brilliantly designed environment. The "World of Warcraft" has 1.5 million subscribers. WOW!

LEELA - the cosmic game of life has around 7000 million human and hundreds of millions of other subscribers - plants, insects, animals etc. LEELA is an extremely complex, nuanced, logical and intelligent MMORPG. We have discussed this in the earlier blogs. We are right now at stage 8 - the Bhurloka. Humans will have to raise their frequencies beyond 790 Hz to go into the next stage. Else, we will keep on being reborn into this stage 8. We could also fall below the frequency of 300 Hz and go back to stage 7 or lower. There are a total of 14 stages in this MMORPG, beginning from the lowest of patala-loka and going to the highest stage of Satya-loka.

Now, after 286 lives in Bhurloka, Mike has reached a reasonable frequency of 450 Hz. At his frequency, his characteristics are desire for accomplishments and love. The most important craving is for recognition, love, peer appreciation and societal respect in family as well as work. Unlike Jai, who felt that valour, courage and violence were his methods of resolving issues, Mike feels helping others, service to humanity and approach of peace is the way towards bringing the world to its senses.

His operative field is the sensory world. Work, family, children, spouse, religion and society are the reasons for his existence. Let us look at some of the characteristics to understand people in the Level 2 (400 - 550 Hz range).

Active Chakras : Solar Plexus chakra or Manipura, Heart Chakra (Anahata) and Throat chakra (Visuddha)

Understanding of God or nature : Still the concept of God being a separate entity from one's self, continues. Unlike the level one notion of a merciful and vengeful God, Mike's level two believes that God gives peace, happiness and calmness. Now, the demand to God is not to save, reward or give justice but to give happiness, peace and love. God is a vehicle towards inner growth. Detachment, calm, meditation and silence are demanded of God. Prayers are more focussed towards happiness and peace for oneself and family. Some start looking for God in others, hence service to poor and needy is one of the ways they serve God. Mike will tell his son to be a good man and to do good to society and nation. But still, the relationship between man and God is based on duality or separation between the man and his maker. God is an outsider which can offer you inner growth. Nature is not wrathful, but wonderful creations of the Maker and to be used sensibly. Love and peace are the key to the relationship with God.

Understanding and aspirations : The purpose of existence is to be successful in life. Take care of the family, society and the environment. Sensual gratification is now for higher tastes - visual, olfactory, audio etc. Good food, paintings, art, music, travel, decoration, fashion, looking good, being healthy and similar subtle enjoyments become the high points of life. Good morals, doing good to others, trying to search for happiness and peace within are some of the personal aspirations. A good life means respect and love for fellow human beings and a place in society. A bad life means struggle to earn, lack of respect in society, disrespect from family and turmoil in life. Life is a challenge to be won over by hard work, good values, sophisticated taste and lifestyle.

Values: The intense competition for material accomplishment leads to strife, turmoil and stress. But there is always a secret yearning for going beyond these material success and hence Mike aspires to become full of understanding, gratitude, forgiving and tolerance. People in this level 2 give great deal of importance to achievement, harmony and love. Getting angry, rude, mean, vulgar are shameful characteristics. Violence is not accepted unless family is threatened. The greatest fear of degeneration of values is the possibility to become obsessed with wealth and success. A thought process that believes in the duality of anger and love, failure and success, vulgarity and sophistication, loot and service creates relevant values.

Food and lifestyle: Rich foods, meat, eggs, butter, tasty food, garlic and onion dominant food. Enjoyment means richness - in food, lifestyle, money, enjoyments which satiates the five senses. Addiction to many things that reflect this lifestyle is common.

Most of the cultured mankind would have traits common with MIKE. Most of us are pretty similar to MIKE.

MIKE, after 286 lifetimes has now reached this frequency of 450 Hz and to cross 790 Hz and enter the next stages, he'll have to really change his mindset, thoughts and approach to life. If he continues to work for society and family, he'll not proceed much further.

JAI saw the pleasures of success and achievements of MIKE and aspired for them - but Mike is completely oblivious to the internal growth of higher frequency people. So, the critical question is - does he even know or is willing to accept that there is something higher ? Mike probably thinks that his knowledge and his aspirations are the highest that can happen. All his heroes are successful people on the material world - a Gandhiji, a Ambani, a Rockefeller, a Bill Gates, an Obama.

Arjuna stood in the middle of a war in the Mahabharata and saw his own family, friends and relatives in the enemy camp and was grief-struck, wanting to abandon the war. He was operating at a Level 2 frequency and peace, love and renunciation were his highest values. It was left to Sri Krishna to explain to him that life is MMORPG and that his role is to play the game as he is only a player. That life does not end with one death and that all players are just embodied souls that are immortal.

Is there a world of heroes beyond Mike's knowledge? Does he even know that a Krishna, an Aurobindo, a Vivekananda, a Babaji or an Osho exists?

Mike, like millions of people like us, is either a closed mind or a mind filled with his own thoughts - you cannot enter his mind. No new or drastically evolutionary idea will disturb his set thoughts. He might have to go through thousands of lives, taking rebirth at almost the same frequency. OR will he suddenly have some insights or someone to guide him ? Will there be a Krishna to recite the Bhagavada Geeta to Mike?

Next time, we will look at Seema's life who is at 650 Hz and what drives her. We will later track Mike and see if something out of the ordinary happens to him to catapult him towards a faster growth.

Friday, May 13, 2011

LEELA - The story of Jai in existence

LEELA - the game of life, is like an extremely complex Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). If you were a youngster, you would have played MMORPG, which is a genre of role-playing video games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world.

In MMORPG, players assume the role of a character (often in a fantasy world) and take control over many of that character's actions. MMORPGs are distinguished from single-player or small multi-player RPGs by the number of players, and by the game's persistent world (usually hosted by the game's publisher), which continues to exist and evolve while the player is offline and away from the game. These games are played in different stages.

Existence is also a MMORPG game called LEELA. We are all players - playing by the rules of the game and working in the limitations of the environment. I have been writing on this game in the earlier blogs on LEELA. The ongoing series on LEELA had got a wee bit off track due to some of other activities.

Let us go back to the story of LEELA. Mike, Jai and Seema have taken human birth. We had assumed that Mike has a frequency at the time of his birth of 450 Hz, Jai - 330 Hz and Seema - 650 Hz. Today, we shall focus on Jai and his lifestyle.

Dividing the human frequency range from a mean frequency (found to be between 300 hz to 790 Hz) into three major divisions, we would get different characteristics, thoughts, behaviour and beliefs in each of the levels (one keeps on fluctuating across the levels at all times).

Level one (Lowest frequency- 300 - 400 HZ) eg JAI : Physical and comfort driven existence - safety, survival, protection and maintenance. Food, shelter, sexual gratification are key drivers.

Level two (Frequency 400- 550 Hz) eg MIKE : Accomplishments and love - family, society, business, achievement, ego. Understanding, gratitude, forgiving, tolerant are key characteristics.

Level three (Frequency 550 - 790 Hz) eg SEEMA: Creative, Intuitive, transcendent - open, generous, non-judgemental, inspirational. Intuitive - Enlightened, aware, liberated. Mindset veering towards union of all opposites, non-duality (advaita), infinite one.

Now let us look at Jai, the sweeper's son who has been born at 330 Hz level.

Active Chakras : Root chakra or Muladhar and to some extent Swadhisthana or sexual chakra

Understanding of God or nature : Sometimes God is merciful and sometimes Vengeful, Sometimes God is angry, sometimes jealous and sometimes happy, God gives reward and punishment. At all times God is powerful. His role is to protect and defeat enemies. So, when there is a Tsunami or a natural disaster - God is angry and is punishing mankind. God has a face and a body. The relationship between man and God is based on duality or separation between man and his maker. God is a father giving punishment or love to the son. A son (man) is supposed to pray for his mercy and is all the time afraid of him, believing that one is alive only because of the grace of God - fear and violence are the key to his relationship. A typical level one person would tell his children to behave as God is watching them and will punish them for their sins. Sins and penance are some of the motivating tools. God, angel and the devil are the incarnates. Hell and heaven are the places to go after death. Temptation and fear are the key to the relationship with God.

Understanding and aspirations : The purpose of life is to cope with existence. Try and get some safety, security, comfort, good food, shelter and coarse pleasure of the senses. Strong standards of good and evil are ingrained. A good life has physical rewards - food, clothing, shelter, good spouses. A bad life means deprivation, abandonment, physical threat. Bad health is due to God's wrath and good fortune because of his benevolence. Life is a challenge to be met with force, violence and a need for protection and survival.

Values: For survival, the main characteristic is courage. People in this level give great deal of importance to courage leading them to victories. Fear is a despicable characteristic. Violence is accepted provided it is to demonstrate courage and defeat fear. The greatest fear of degeneration of values is the possibility to become a tyrant. The thin line between courage and tyranny is breached many-a-times. A simplistic thought process that believes in violence and force, reward and punishment, danger and mercy, heaven and hell, survival and fear creates relevant values.

Food and lifestyle: Spicy foods, meat, heavy foods, left over foods, garlic and onion dominant food. Violent, angry, lustful, greedy existence. Enjoyment means more food, more loud music, more sex and more and more fun which satiates the five senses. Addiction to many things that reflect this lifestyle is common.

You might have many traits common with JAI and am sure we all know thousands of JAIs.

Remember we are just players in this game of MMORPG game LEELA at stage 8 called the Bhurloka stage. If, we aspire to go higher in our frequency (and we have the option and the free will to do so) we need to use some of the techniques and technology that I have been writing earlier. This is a game of millions of lifetimes, hundreds of them in Bhurloka. One travels through stages across many lifetimes and at the end of a lifetime if you have crossed the threshold of frequency, then you straight go into one of the higher stages.

So, Jai will have to climb a lot if he intends to go to the next stage. But, if he starts growing in frequency, then his next lifetime could be at a higher frequency and so on and if his search and quest is genuine and earnest, in many lifetimes - he could enter the next stage.

Next time, we will talk about Mike. and his role in the game of LEELA.

Friday, May 6, 2011

LEELA - Energy, desire and activism

As I continue the series on LEELA - the game of existence, let me quote a passage from the "The Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda

''In reality there is nothing inexplicable about materialization. The whole cosmos is a materialized thought of the Creator. This heavy, earthly clod, floating in space, is a dream of God. He made all things out of His consciousness. God first created the earth as an idea. Then He quickened it; energy atoms came into being. He coordinated the atoms into this solid sphere. All its molecules are held together by the will of God. When He withdraws His will, the earth again will disintegrate into energy. Energy will dissolve into consciousness; the earth-idea will disappear from objectivity."

We are all parts of the creation as well as part of the Creator of this complex game of existence - LEELA. While the game is being played as per the rules and parameters designed by the Creator (which we may call destiny), we are given a bit of free will to make alterations in the game too. The amount of change that we can make is directly proportional to the desire and energy that we impart.

The free will allows us some power for amendments, changes and events in the flow of determinism. Today, let us look at the process to make these changes.

Events happen due to Iccha-shakti ( desire and energy).

Desire is the motivation that lies behind every action, the power and energy that causes all movement. Desire incites men to make the most incredible efforts. For example most events in your life can be sourced to desire - desire to be a doctor, engineer, businessman etc. One puts one's energy behind the same to make it happen. The scale of the event will depend on the energy imparted to the craving.

Let us look specifically at the aspiration to better the lives of the people of the nation. The desire for the same leads many of us to get involved in activities that echo our thoughts, idea, values and inspirations. That is ACTIVISM. How can we do it in the best possible manner? What are the mechanics of effective activism? How can we harness desire and energy to be most successful in the task that we have undertaken?


Convergence: If the desire is general or diffused ( India should be a great country / we must remove corruption / politicians should be hanged) then one cannot impart any energy towards a specific path. A source of light that is diffused cannot achieve good result, but if it is focussed into a single point like a laser beam, then one can end up doing some of the most complex operations with that energy. Similarly, our desire should be focussed on a single point agenda.

Therefore for the movement of the "India against Corruption", it was the single point agenda of the Jan Lokpal Bill, which converged all the energies of lakhs of people and led to the capitulation of the Government by accepting the formation of the joint committee. So, the more specific demand - the more convergence.

Intensity: Secondly, the craving should be intense. The more intense the desire, the more chances of the success. When the entire nation demands the Jan Lokpal bill, the cumulative intensity of the yearning will make it more possible for the successful outcome.


The conversion of desire into event is primarily due to energy. Energy is also of many types - the low frequency energy - physical, the middle frequency energy - intellectual and the high frequency energy - selflessness. When energy of the higher magnitude which is fuelled by thoughts of love for the nation, seva (selfless service), renunciation, sacrifice is used, the desire has more chance of being fructified. Energy of millions of people focussed on a specific agenda helps.

Example of Icha- shakti:

When one goes to a temple and prays for a specific outcome, we get it many-a-times. The reason for success is because one has a specific demand, an intense desire and one is praying for it in a high energy setup. This energy setup could be higher in a temple because a temple is architectured in a manner that the energy ricochets inside the dome, the symbols of fire, sounds of the bells, the shape of the building, the connection of the bells (Golden temple has a gold covering as gold is a good conductor of energy and the main bell is directly connected to the golden dome), the energy of so many positive vibrations and prayers, the energy of the idol (which is established by prana-pratisthan or energy transmission), the planetary position on certain days etc.

Therefore, for example, on a Tuesday if one asks for something in a Siddhi Vinayak Mandir, there are many instances when the desires have been fulfilled and we believe that God or Ganapati idol did the same. Also walking barefoot or rolling on the ground or promising something in return for the fulfilment of the desire, intensifies the desire. And what works is the concentration of demand and the focus or single pointedness of the desire. But all this would be nothing, without the requisite energy. Therefore it is the iccha- shakti which materialises the desire and we credit God or the idol or the temple for the same.