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Clear-cut evidences. God is a computer programmer (3)


I wrote in the earlier parts, about why it is likely that God is actually a computer programmer and the Universe is just a computer game. The hypothesis was well received, but it was just a theory. And how does one validate a theory?

Hindu philosophy consists of six darshanas (philosophies, worldview, teachings) one of which is Nyaya darshan.  This darshana’s significance is the systematic development of logic and methodology to validate a theory. So, let us use some of its key processes to check whether this hypothesis of “God is a Computer Programmer” meets its rigid criteria.

There are four means of obtaining knowledge – perception (by the five senses), inference (conclusion based on the basis of reason and logic), comparison (a consideration or estimate of the similarities or dissimilarities between two things or people) and word/ testimony of reliable sources (like the study, research of scientists and/or credible people like Rishis).

As you read the theory, you may find problems, doubts, contrariness and errors. That is natural for a new theory that makes claims that is in contrast to the traditional worldview. So, let us correct or resolve them by a systematic process of reasoning and technique.

We shall break up the validation of the theory in two parts.

Firstly, in this blog, we shall make some logical explanations about why the Universe cannot be anything else except a computer simulation.  And in the next blog, we shall look at some experiments and findings of quantum mechanics and see if the results of those landmark experiments validate our theory.

God is a Computer Programmer (part 3)

For centuries there has been strong views and arguments on either sides on the two contrary schools of thoughts about existence

1. Material makes the mind (materialism – a theory or belief that nothing exists except matter and its movements and that consciousness and will are wholly due to material agency.), or

2. Mind makes the material (spiritualism – a theory that the is the only reality and that it controls matter.)

In this part 3, we shall show that the Cosmos operates through the spiritual model in which materials are created through spirits or the mind. And there are enough indications to show that that mind is from outside the Universe. And that existence is nothing more than a computer simulation. In short, we are living in a computer. And a computer programmer has made the software.

Let us look at five broad arguments to make our claim
1.     Big Bang
2.     Pixelated Universe
3.     Programming
4.     Maximum Speed
5.     Identical parts

Big Bang:

The Big bang started from a tiny particle (size of half a proton or less than a billion, millionth of a cm) 13.8 billion years ago and then kept on expanding its space like a balloon. This is our cosmos. While nearly all of the cosmos seems to be an empty void, in reality this vacuum of “space” comprises the interplanetary medium. It includes various forms of energy.

Now we know that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So, if entire cosmos is filled with energy, then where did so much energy come from?

But, if the Universe is a computer simulation, then the program always start from the will of the computer programmer and begins from zero state. Every time a virtual reality starts up – a Big Bang appears from the perspective of the game. Information influx starts from zero state. Reality starts from nothing because before starting, there was no space-time.

Pixelated Universe:

Physicists discovered that matter is indeed quantized (sub-divided into small but finite particles). Matter consists of fundamental, indivisible particles, billions of times smaller than an atom.  Hence, nature is actually a matrix of computable bits of space, time and energy in quantized form. Everything is made up of individual bits. Which means that the Universe is made up of components and therefore, it is computable.

Like a moving picture that actually consists of millions of pixelated images, the Universe is also made up of billions and billions particles that come together to create reality. These particles are finite and therefore computable.


Prof. James Gates is an American theoretical physicist, known for his work on super symmetry, super gravity and super string theory. He discovered strange, error-correcting codes deep in the equation of super symmetry.  This special code consists of strings of bits of ones and zeros that are embedded deep in the reality matrix. So, there is now a discovery of coding that has created this universe and is at the base of existence. Prof James Gates talks about this form of computer code, which he refers to as “adinkras”.

The core structures of reality work similar to how a computer works. For example, when we paint a picture using computer software, the core state of the colors and shapes in the picture are made up of ones (on) and zeros (off). We do not see the picture as ones and zeros, because the Central Processing Unit (CPU) processes the binary codes as colors and shapes. Binary codes are very simple but with the right combinations, they can help computers create magnificent things.  Creation seems eerily similar to the Matrix films, which depict a world where everything in a human being’s experience is the product of a virtual-reality generating computer network.

The simple process of using binary codes to create things within the hardware of computers is similar to how Creation creates our external reality or material world.

This data fits simulation hypothesis better than materialism.

Maximum speed and finite size:

Nothing has ever been seen that travels faster than light. So, maximum speed has an upper limit. If reality is a computer simulation, then the program needs a finite processor. If there was no maximum speed cap, then all processes would become infinite, and our theory of world being a computer world would be false.

The Universe is expanding like a balloon. Which means that there is a boundary and a finite size. Without a boundary and a finite size, it would become impossible for a computer simulation.

Identical parts:

Every digital object created by a computer has an identical building block because every object is created by the same code. While the processed image looks different, the digital pixels embedded within the image are identical.

Similarly, every object in the Universe looks and seems different, the parts at the quantum level in the same class is the same, be it photons or electrons or similar. Every object arises from the same.  

Therefore the simulation hypothesis suggests that this is the case because the same program creates each bit.


Taken together, all these show sufficient evidence that the Universe is a computer simulation and we are all avatars/players in a program made by a computer programmer called GOD.

But, is this enough evidence? How does the theory match the cutting-edge experiments in science and the latest theories of quantum mechanics? Let us examine that in depth in the next blog.


  1. looking forward to further readings...

  2. Whenever we run a video or audio on our Computer or Mobile Device what happens internally? All the recorded data in storage part of the device is read by the processing mechanism of that device and it is presented on display unit in pixel form or audio unit in energy form. Every video is a running stream of electron on display unit and every audio is a conversion of energy, similarly visible part of whole existence is a stream of quantum foam and mixture of energy as well as various cosmic forces and it is presented by cosmic processing unit. We can say that visible part of the cosmos is updated according to instructions of the cosmic processing unit and according to all the data stored in cosmic storage. Our scientists are saying that there is a field called Higgs field which is working in the background of whole existence to update all the sub atomic structures at inner level (quarks), it is similar to the concept of Paramatma in Hindu theology. Scientists are trying their best to explore ultimate reality of the whole existence but it can be explored in another way of deep Meditation, our great Rishis had used that technique in old ages. All the findings in our Upanishads are exploration by our great Rishis, we should try our best to explore The Ultimate Reality using less expensive methods as finding The Ultimate Reality using large scientific experiments like Large Hadron Collider is not possible for every human being but we can start doing meditation without any expenditure. But problem with all the people doing meditation is when they start doing meditation either they are thinking about all the past events in their life or they are thinking about their future or ultimately they enter in sleep or ultimately they think that whatever knowledge they have achieved by studying Religious books or Scientific Texts are correct and their exploration ends there. In fact if we are really interested to know exact nature of the whole existence than we should be totally void at our mind and intellect level. Spiritual revolution starts in our consciousness after long stay in such void (No past, No Future, No Sleep, No Knowledge, only complete void without any single atomic sign of thinking). Whatever Mayankji is trying to say cannot be discarded totally but how to experience the real existence in our consciousness at full scale is more important. Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, prophet Muhammad and all the great spiritual explorers tried their best to explore The Ultimate Reality of whole existence but it is not so simple to explain the whole existence in a single blog. All the Religious books on this planet are trying to explain The Ultimate Reality in its own way but are they successful till today? Ultimate Reality or whole existence is always Unimaginable, Unthinkable and Indescribable by any method it is always beyond our thinking process, no one can explain it in any way, all the explanations will only complicate the subject to a new level.

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