Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who am I? (part 1)

Who am I? What is the purpose of existence? What is my role in the same? How best can I play this role? For the last six years, day and night these existential questions play in my system whether meditating, thinking, reading, working or discussing.... I presume that this must be true for many.

Answers and understandings of these issues have come to me in meditation with great vehemence and clarity. I must have examined these understandings thousands of time from all scientific and logical angles, but have not been able to change a millionth of its fraction. Since the time I have got these answers in meditation, I have used the mind for verification, validation, searching for the right words (however inadequate),explanation and logic to explain to myself. I am not a grammarian - I cannot create arguments, refute others nor quote scriptures, philosophers or religion. In short, I am not a wordsmith, not someone who could write a brilliant recipe book - but one who has tasted and experienced the truth, as I understand it.

Is this megalomania? Is this perversion of the mind? Is this some fanciful notion of thoughts playing in my mind as it does in everyone's mind - converted into "my" variety of truth? Am I playing mind games? Does my understanding stand up to the beacon of rationality and logic? Are these profound understanding or some kind of bullshit masquerading as one? Am I crazy?

These questions and more of its ilk grapple all the time and I look for answers in religious books like the Bhagawad Gita, Vedas, Upanishads, the Darshanas and philosophers like Sri Aurobindo, J Krishnamurthy, Osho, Swami Vivekananda and religious leaders like Paramahans Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Ramkrishna Paramhansa, new found thinkers like Sadhguru, Maharishi Yogi, along with scientific understanding with Fritjof Capra, Roger Penrose, Ken Wilber along with findings of quantum physics and such.

So, over a series of blogs - I intend to share my thoughts on these 4 crucial questions - with critical analysis of the variants of current thought process.

For example on the question of "Who am I?" there are three broad philosophical strands.

1. Materialism - understands everything in terms of material terms. Believes that the universe is a complex machine with only physical parts, subject to certain laws, therefore everything is based on the theory of Evolution. It has some drawbacks but is the genesis of great scientific progress.

2. Religion - a dualistic viewpoint of existence with a physical benevolent God being the creator and existence being the creation. Some have messengers and books as go-between Creator and creation. Has some amazing advantages in the devotion tradition but source of immense violence, separation, competition and exploitation.

3. Spiritualism - a non - dualistic thought process which looks at each and every element of existence as being part of creator. Which deals with the energy / spirit of every being and works for inner clarity to discover the relationship between all forms of existence. Quantum physics has validated many of its worldview.

The next blog will talk about these three broad strands in details and try to answer the key question "Who am I?". Do write in your thoughts.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Who am I (part 2) ---- I am you

Thank you for some excellent,lucid, informative and interesting responses to the earlier blog.

Today, in a simple, laymen language without using religious or didactic language - let me try and explain my concept of reality and its implication on my life and thought process....

Till the sixth century BC - Greek, Indian and Chinese philosophers professed that science, culture, philosophy and religion were not separated but an indivisable one. Then the Eleatic worldview of the west started prevailing with assumption of a Divine Principle standing above all Gods and men. This principle eventually led to an intelligent,personal, benevolent God standing above the world and directing it. Thus began the separation of matter and spirit and led to the dualism in western thought.

The dualistic religious movements in the west along with the Eastern religiosity consisting of various Gods, their messengers and their books created a worldview where humans were only connected directly one-to-one with the creator and sent to the world for various purposes - leading to claims and counter claims of superiority, proselytism (religious conversion) and competition leading to violence, strife, wars and tremendous unrest and indescribable horror and misery.

In the seventeenth century, philosopher Rene Descartes proposed the 'Cartesian' division of nature as two independent realms - the mind and matter. Modern scientists started seeing matter as dead and completely segregated from themselves and the world as materialistic, working on principles of a Monarchical God. This view has led to huge advances in the field of science,technology, organizing of cities, political structures, medicines, agriculture, economy and similar. But due to this worldview, individuals started identifying themselves as separate mind and separate body parts with the futile expectation of the mind trying to control the separate compartments of talent, feeling, beliefs, individuality leading to endless inner conflicts generating confusions, stress and frustrations.

The inner fragmentation mirrors our alientation from nature and from our fellow beings treating natural environment as separate from us and therefore to be exploited by different interest groups. This fragmented view is further extended to society which is split into different nations, races, religions, groups and political entities leading to the present ecological, political, social and cultural crises.

Opposed to these worldviews of dualistic religiosity and materialism - I believe that I am the infinite, the unlimited, the boundless, the energy, the shakti, the integral part of the whole. And so are all of us. I AM YOU.That the entire existence and each of its part is an integral part of each other with the same infinite and sourced from the same energy. As the Upanishada says "He alone sees, who sees all beings as oneself."

The subtle high frequency universal energy or consciousness has through a process of involution (slowing down of frequency to create grosser matter) created matter in various combinations of gross energies. Its like the slowing down of frequencies for changing state of matter like the conversion of water vapour to water to ice.

The relationship between the inside and the outside can be best described with the verse
"As is the atom, so is the Universe;
as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm;
as is the human body, so is the cosmic body;
as is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind,"

This is not a abstract notion but "my truth and reality" and has led to extraordinary changes in my worldview, behavior, emotions and thoughts in the last six years. I would like to share the same in the next blogs, along with the scientific understanding of "What I am".

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who am I (part 3) - the mystical experience

Around 6 and half years back, in Feb '04 - I had an intense, life transforming spiritual experience that changed the course of my life. From an atheist, from someone who was never exposed to religious thoughts or books, for someone who mocked religion and spirituality - this experience led to a series of amazing changes and events in my life and had a tremendous impact on my life, thoughts, feelings and my complete existence. The prolonged enlightenment led to some major transformation taking place in my body, in my feelings, heart, mind and thinking, almost a discontinuity from the past.

Was this experience and the subsequent transformation real? Could these be part of a hyper active, overworked mind? Could some scattered reading or hearing added up in the subconscious mind and played a mind game? Never having read religious books, articles or exposed to these subjects - it was surely not an end product of a trend of thought, nor was it an intellectually arrived conclusion. So how credible was this worldview? I was obsessed about finding out. The turmoil within me and the desperation to understand all that was happening within and to validate all that had happened to me and my inner changes was all-consuming. I needed to be sure that this was real.

So, while I was being sucked into a vortex of compulsive meditation, especially during the nights - I consciously tried using the objective process of understanding by reading religious books, autobiographies, experiences and case studies of saints and yogis. Tried to intellectually understand the science and the logic of such experiences using tantra, quantum physics and physiology. I also learnt a few things and tried ayurveda, acupressure, gemmology, meridian and chakra cleaning and marma to play around with my body and to reach out to the occurrence happening within. Unswervingly, all the time, using the blazing searchlight of logic and reason to sift the real from the illusion. It became an obsession and while my meditation kept me awake nights after nights, my reading gave me comfort of precedence and familiarity.

Some of the reading that I found resonance and in a way, solace, were spiritual experiences by saints and yogis of all faiths and god-intoxicated souls. While the hindu spiritual tradition of spiritual awakening is well known and documented in the Ashtavakra Gita, some of the other faiths also mentions these spiritual awakenings eg. the Gnostic Christianity of direct, individual mystical experience of the divine, the Sufi tradition in Islam and many others. The rising spirit that I had experienced had a theoretical echo through a non-intellectual and cognitive process called "kundalini awakening" in hindu world view, the "holy ghost" in the Christian tradition and the "rooh" in Islam.

So, while the scriptures and tradition confirmed the presence of this kind of occurrence, I still needed validation of the experience and impact by reading personal accounts of those who had experienced this awakening. Most of the descriptions that I read, resonated with my experience and the doubts started dispelling and I became convinced that what had transpired was "reality".

For example, Lahiri Mahasayaji described his first experience" My divine guru approached and passed his hand over my head. I entered the nirbikalpa samadhi state, remaining unbrokenly in its bliss for seven days. Crossing the successive strata of self-knowledge, I penetrated the deathless realms of reality. All delusive limitations dropped away; my soul was fully established on the eternal altar of the Cosmic Spirit "

I empathised as I read Paramhansa Yoganandaji describe his spiritual experience "My body became immovably rooted; breath was drawn out of my lungs as if by some strange magnet. Soul and mind instantly lost their physical bondage and streamed out like a fluid piercing light from my every pore. The flesh was as though dead, yet in my intense awareness, I knew that I had never been so fully alive. My sense of identity was no longer narrowly confined to a body but embraced the circumambient atoms. The roots of plants and trees appeared through a dim transparency of the soil; I discerned the inward flow of their sap. The whole vicinity lay bare before me. My ordinary frontal vision was now changed to a vast spherical sight, simultaneously all-perceptive. My body, Master's, the pillared courtyard, the furniture and floor, the trees and sunshine, occasionally became violently agitated, until all melted into a luminescent sea; even as sugar crystals, thrown into a glass of water, dissolve after being shaken. The unifying light alternated with materializations of form, the metamorphoses revealing the law of cause and effect in creation. An oceanic joy broke upon calm endless shores of my soul. The Spirit of God, I realized, is exhaustless Bliss; His body is countless tissues of light. A swelling glory within me began to envelop towns, continents, the earth, solar and stellar systems, tenuous nebulae, and floating universes. The entire cosmos, gently luminous, like a city seen afar at night, glimmered within the infinitude of my being. Blissful amrita, the nectar of immortality, pulsed through me with a quicksilverlike fluidity. The creative voice of God I heard resounding as Aum, the vibration of the Cosmic Motor."

Osho describes his first mystical experience "For the first time I was no more an individual, for the first time the drop had fallen into the ocean. Now the whole ocean was mine, I was the ocean. There was no limitation. A tremendous power arose as if I could do anything whatsoever. I was not there, only the power was there. I was relaxed, I was in a let-go. I was not there, "it" was there, call it God - God was there. I would like to call it "it", because God is too human a word and has become too dirty by too much use, has become too much polluted by so many people. Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans, priests and politicians - they have all corrupted the beauty of the world. "It" was there and I was just carried away....carried by a tidal wave."

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on his first enlightenment "I was just sitting on this particular rock. I had my eyes open, not even closed. I thought it was about ten minutes, but something began to happen to me. All my life I had thought this is me. Suddenly, I did not know which is me and which is not me. The air that I was breathing, the rock on which I'm sitting, the atmosphere around me, everything had become me. What is me has become so enormous, it is everywhere. I was fully aware, but what I had considered myself until that moment had just disappeared."

There are many similar descriptions, be it Eknath Easwaran's description of the spiritual awakening of Mahatma Gandhi in jail, or about Sri Aurobindo's transformation vide his mystical awakening in the British Jail, or St Francis Assissi and his life-altering spiritual experience which led him to a change of heart and change of life, while being imprisoned after a battle and many, many other - not least Gopi Krishan in the recent past.

So, my doubts assuaged about the "experience" and understanding of the physical and other changes continuously happening within me, I needed to comprehend the science, the logic and the process. The quest to know this became my next obsession.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Who am I ? (part 4) - Impact on my life

The Feb '04 spiritual experience, at the age of 44 years, was a precursor to a constant upward movement of energy in the body, leading to interesting repercussions. The linolic flow of energy from top down had changed once and for all to a reverse flow called the "kundalini flow" and I could feel the same all the time. My body hair which used to point downward, has now changed direction and the entire back hair is facing upwards, due to the change in energy flow. My body, not used to this direction and increase of energy could not cope and went through some terrible months of tremendous heat, discomfort, and a constant fear of "waking up dead or mad".

And, because it was spontaneous and not guided nor prepared, the obsession to understand it was all the more. While most of the understanding of the new reality came through meditation (I had involuntarily become a meditation junkie - meditating hours on end, especially at night, many-a-times losing control of my body during the time), reading and absorbing books after books, websites after websites trying to validate the processes happening to me all the time. I found corroboration of the answers received during meditation from religious books like Ashtavakra Gita, Pancastavi, Saundarya Lahiri and Tantra studies especially Sat-Cakra-Nirupama and Paduka- Pancaka and recordings and writing of enlightened souls on the path.

Fortunately, Sudipt, my friend, was there to guide me in these unchartered territories and we discovered new happenings together and analyzed the same, rightly or wrongly. These were new experiences and we had to keep on experimenting to find relief from the heat and problems - there were no formal, properly documented precedents and therefore when problems arose, daily half-baked solutions and experiments were tried - be they acupressure, ayurvedic medicines, mantras, yantra, marmas, meridian cleaning and many others. Fortunately, he insisted that Minal, my wife record the transformations and events every day, and therefore, we have some recordings of daily occurrences during the roller-coaster ride of the early months. The energy surges, the discomfort, the various futile attempts to find a guru :), the various, desperate methods to control the heat, the treatment with my energy of many (including Minal) through laying of hands and some episodes wherby I healed some people who were given up for dead have all been recorded in Gujarati, though. Because of my lack of religious upbringing, I did not ascribe the experience to the mysterious workings of God or karma or similar, but tried to find the answers in terms of psychology, physiology and sciences like physics, biology, mathematics and such.

But, as my body became calmer and the heat controllable at the end of 4 to 5 months of the awakening, I could feel an inner music and luminosity in my body. Various sounds, visions and some siddhis came and went - I did not give it any importance, but the constant music within continued. While I deal with the outside world superficially, I have a private world within which is calm, contented, awake, aware and joyous. Limitations of the language does not allow me to express this extraordinary occurrence which has become a part of me.

I used to be a violently angry man, before - punching walls and breaking furniture during uncontrollable phases and constantly being sarcastic and hurting others. And suddenly, after the awakening, the anger and the vitriol has just disappeared. I have not been angry even once- angry at what? whom? - all is me, and the understanding is not intellectual. In my worldview, the value for money, business, profits, relationships, truth, lies, doing good or bad, corruption, cleanliness, hygiene and all daily headlines and issues had become nil. While I am fulfilling a responsibility in the normal world (for reasons that can be written some other time) with lots of fun and happiness - I also wait to get off this rat race carousel and spend more time with subjects and issues of my interest.

Earlier, we used to enjoy killing mosquitoes in our bedroom - one of our jokes was "A family that kills together, stays together". Now, we have a large plastic bottle in which we catch these mosquitoes and release them outside the window. My fondness for gardening and bonsais has turned for pain whenever I see anyone cutting plants for decoration or see insects beings killed randomly - because they are all part of me.

In life, we play roles of father, son, husband, boss, employee, hierarchy, citizen, leader with great gusto and seriousness and I used to try and do the same, attempting to do the best at the role. Now there is no role. All relations are 50: 50, no 51 and no 49. The same candidness and clarity with which I talk to the President of the country is what I do with my peon or my family members and they have the same privilege. Can God or spirit present in each of us be higher or lower than the other?

Because my body is the vehicle for the music to play, for the energies to move, for the experience to happen - it is my temple, and it should be completely pure. Since the enlightenment, I have become extremely self-aware of the input in the body as "we are what we eat". Have moved to a completely sattvic diet - no tea, no coffee, no onion, no garlic, not much spice and lots of ghee. Prefer to eat food prepared by my wife using some Arya Vidhi and mantras during cooking to ensure good vibrations, whenever possible. Having learnt some ayurveda, I check my nadi (pulse) every morning and using diet and lifestyle try to stay in balance in the three doshas and remove ama as it can block the movement of energy. From someone sick all the time, with one metacin a day - I have not had a serious headache or problem since the awakening. Though many times, I do cheat and come close to having a headache or imbalance.

For the external, we used to do Agnihotra havan every morning to cleanse and purify the atmosphere, wash my clothes separately, try and keep my place of meditating, sleeping, working pure without too much interference of other energies. Brahmacharya, some pranayama, meditation and reading helps the process. Starting this process of blogging is also helping in clarifying thoughts and concepts. Negativity, bad energy and vibrations disturb, while positive and good vibrations found in temples, satsangs, good literature and constructive actions uplift me.

Anything that is deep and profound on the subject of my interest keeps me engaged. Other discussions, talks and engagements are things to avoid. Therefore, to concentrate on my passion, I have cut off all relations with friends, extended family (except brother, sister and in-laws) and have chosen to stay away from all functions be they marriage, funerals or other. While there was some resistance in the early stage, it has become smooth now.

Most importantly, as the realization has come that I am complete, I do not seek approval from others and have completely ceased to be affected by opinions. And that has put me at great ease and peace. All these have come about automatically and without any effort.

I believe that the steps for complete enlightenment are (1) Awakening (2) Self awareness (3) Surrender and (4) Union. I think that nowadays I am more inclined to surrender, which means trusting the world, accepting existence as it is (not trying to change it) and going with the flow.

Sorry that this was too autobiographical and long. Next blog will be about the importance of the spiritual awakening in the evolutionary journey of mankind and existence and the science and logic behind the same.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Who am I? (part 5) - Kundalini - preliminaries

The evolutionary energy that began operating within me after my spiritual awakening has become a constant companion and in the last blog (part 4), I did mention about its impact on my worldview and behaviour. In view of the immense significance of this transformation in my body which ultimately resulted in the development of various psychic and other abilities, it is absolutely necessary to dwell on this vital process which will have a major impact on the future evolution of mankind. For simplicity, I will call this spiritual awakening as Kundalini awakening - for that is the popular name given to this mystical, regenerative process, which is the end product of a deeply experimented and researched Hindu science. I repeat, that it has nothing to do with a particular God or set of Gods or a religion, but a universal phenomena that can be achieved by anyone who meets the standards and follows the processes. There is nothing in the whole mass of knowledge, gathered by mankind so far, of such paramount importance as the knowledge of this transforming energy for the evolution of the mind, and the spiritual and religious urge.

Suppose, for a moment, that the Law of Gravity was not formulated. Now, imagine that the greatest scientists and the foremost thinkers were exercising their brains to comprehend the force which keeps the planetary bodies in their orbits, or the phases of the moon, or the weight of things, the tides etc. These thinkers would be working deeply on each of these subjects in an isolated manner without realising that the force of gravity was behind these phenomenon. Similarly, without studying and understanding the root cause of all evolution - the kundalini energy, researching isolated phenomenon of human and natural events, while ignoring the core kundalini energy would be misdirected.

Our FM radio antennae catches frequency between 88 to 108 MHz. So, does it imply that there is no electromagnetic frequency (emf) more than 108 MHz or no emf below 88? The human ear can hear sounds ranging from 20 Hz on a piano scale of A0 to 4186 Hz on a scale of C8, divided into eight octaves and sound beyond the piano range to reach around 20500 Hz - so is there an implication that there is no emf above 20500 Hz none below 20 Hz? But Radio wave ELF (extremely low frequency) of 3 Hz, going up to visible light of 3 THz to X-rays and Gamma Rays of 300 EHz are being worked upon for mobile phones to TV to remotes to X Rays and other uses. So, the limitations is with the ability of the receptor.

Similarly, our brain consisting of over 100 billion cells is an electrical and chemical machine, which is said to use only a fraction of its capacity (some scientist talk about 10% usage in intelligent people). Thus, we are only tapping a small portion of what the human brain can do. If each of us were operating with fully functional brains, meaning that we had all the capacities of any genius, we had total psychic functioning and complete control over our autonomic nervous system at will, we could be said to operating at full capacity. Thus, even though we have the potential to achieve much more than we currently are doing, the limitations of sensitivity of our receptors in the brain needs to be overcome using the kundalini energizing.

Kundalini awakening leads to reversing the direction of flow from top down to its reverse.It is this constant energy supply, specially the sexual energy, to the brain which increases its electrical activity and leads to higher percentage of brain usage, therefore increasing the capacity of the receptor (brain) to engage with a higher range of knowledge and experiences.

Unfortunately, this process of kundalini, which has tremendous implication for mankind and can lead to the next level of evolution of mankind has been lost in various mystic, esoteric, romantic and commerce based explanations. It is now time for us mystics, to speak the language of logic and science and demystify this wonderful knowledge by validation and experimenting using properly directed scientific research and is bound to cause the greatest ever revolution in human thought process, leading to what Sri Aurobindo describes as the evolutionary supermind and supramental consciousness.

The main benefits of validation of the Kundalini phenomenon are
 Once we are able to scientifically and rationally establish that the source of enlightenment is bio-physical and that Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir, Krishna were enlightened due to a cerebrospinal activity, then it would lead to better harmony between faiths and religions and reduce tensions.
 The world seeks power everywhere and once we can explain that the real power for transformation lies within each of us, it would make a paradigm change in all dimension of thoughts in the human race.
 Propagating this knowledge and its derivatives and bringing it out in the public realm, will build interest in various related sciences of the Indian Knowledge system and can lead this wonderful conflict resolving knowledge base to become the leading global culture.
 Will explain many unexplained phenomenon like the evolutionary religious and spiritual instincts, emergence and evolution, consciousness, energy healing and relationships, paranormal and psychic activities etc.
 Builds a platform for validating the concept of reincarnation and karma principles and establishes a raison d'etre for having ethical, moral values and therefore a base for compassion and love.

In the words of Gopi Krishan "The awakening of Kundalini is the greatest enterprise and the most wonderful achievement in front of man. There is absolutely no other way open to his restlessly searching intellect to pass beyond the boundaries of the otherwise meaningless physical universe. It provides the only method available to science to establish empirically the existence of life as an immortal, all-intelligent power behind the organic phenomena on earth, and brings within its scope the possibility of planned cultivation of genius in individuals not gifted with it from birth, thereby unfolding before the mental eye of man, avenues and channels for the acceleration of progress and enhancement of prosperity which it is impossible to visualise at present".

As this kundalini awakening is an experience, a taste to savour - it can best be understood and described by only the few mystics who have undergone a full scale kundalini awakening. It needs to be an awakening that is not just a one-off, momentary contact with the glorious universal consciousness, but a regular constant which leads to higher sensibilities and intellect with transformative and regenerative powers. Theoreticians, thinkers, philosophers and saints can speculate, theorize and romanticize the process (and I have read hundreds of books and websites with the most outrageous/ syrupy / magical / supernatural / mystical / technical theories), but it is only the one who has experienced and is feeling the energy surging through the body every second of his life, who can understand and correctly explain this extraordinary manifestation of a glorious state of consciousness. And it is my complete conviction that the characteristics of the awakening, the continuous energy flow, its impact on the evolutionary process of an individual and consequently on mankind will be corroborated in times to come.

It is therefore critical to understand, share and explain this phenomena to the world, and I shall attempt to do so, while ensuring some key principles:
1. The absolute correctness under all circumstances of the disclosures I am making about Kundalini, reactions and impact without glamorising, personalizing and mystifying it.
2. Complete objectivity, transparency, openness, no pride of achievement, no pretence of divine office, no gurudom, no ego of higher knowledge - just a sense of being a humble instrument of the universal consciousness.
3. Focus the searchlight of logic and science on each and every word and thought.
4. Demystifying the entire process while taking no recourse to faith, religion, written word by some God or its messenger.

Thus, I shall attempt to explain the Kundalini awakening using the above principles by focussing on
The pre -phenomenon - Why does it happen, how is energy movement manipulated / altered at the quantum level and what drives human consciousness to reverse the process of energy flow from top to down to kundalini flow (bottom to top)
The phenomenon -How does kundalini awakening take place, what are the conditions and climate for the kundalini awakening, what happens during kundalini awakening and how does one ensure continuance of the energy flow
The epiphenomenon (secondary phenomenon) - what happens to a human body after the kundalini awakening takes place, what impact does it have on different parts of the body, how neurophysiology, biochemistry, endocrine system and other physiological changes take place due to this and most importantly - how mind, thoughts and worldview gets impacted etc.

As you may have noticed repeatedly, I do not have much skill in articulating my knowledge nor am I a very well read person, hence arguing different theories and complex analysis will be difficult. In the blogs to follow, I would just put forward my worldview and understanding - most of this due to meditative, subjective knowledge, which have been since validated by reading and studying. I do not read and experiment, but what I feel and realise - I read to obtain precedence and verification.

Please bear with me as I venture into complex territory, where I shall have to explain the worldview, existence, energies, quantum physics, tantras, religion, physiology, various experiments and findings in science, as simply as I can, without being simplistic. Friends, all this in blog instalments of around 1000 words every week or ten days. Though I hope that I can cope with this, correct me if I am going too fast and ask any doubts that arise. This is going to take some time and blogs to explain and I will need to take detours and might have to go off the tangent for a while to explain the point.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who am I ? (part 6 ) - Design, intelligence and evolution

While, in the earlier blog - I did try to explain the critical importance of kundalini or mystical awakening to the future of mankind , it is very necessary to protect the image of the true mystical vision from distortion by the ambitious or the dabbler or the uninformed. Awakenings are not altered consciousness (that can be achieved temporarily by using mind altering drugs), nor superficial and transitory experiences but illuminated consciousness. Distinction must be made between the fanciful, colourful and sensational narratives of sorcery, magic, miraculous and weird paranormal, bizarre and fantastic experiences and an increased clarity of thoughts along with an indescribable state of glory, love and happiness with the wonderful direct experience of an all pervading consciousness.

Since the past six and half years, I can say emphatically that I have been testing my body, mind, experiences, events and theories probably more scrupulously than any scientist. Exploring multi disciplinary research, going beyond faith into specialized branches of knowledge, ideologies and perspectives into which mankind stands divided.

Before venturing into understanding energy, existence and nature, let us first address the question - is existence an intelligent and purposeful evolving design? Is the quote from the Upanishad in part 2 of my blogs- "As is the atom, so is the Universe; as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm; as is the human body, so is the cosmic body; as is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind,"- tenable? While there are thousands of reasons for a "yes" to all, would like to mention a few relevant observations

Design : The laws of nature and parameters of the Universe take on values that are consistent with conditions for life rather than a set of values that would not be consistent with life as observed on Earth. If for example- the electrical force between the electrons, the range of temperature of the sun, air pressure, gravity, the dance of the helium and carbon nuclei, the natural calamities like earthquakes, rising water levels, volcanic activity did not lie within a certain range, life would be impossible. Similarly, within the microcosm - if there was a slightest difference in an organism at the chemical, genetic, cellular, tissue, organ or system level - life would not exist.

Intelligence: While accepting that the microcosm has the same intent as the macrocosm, I would like to give just an example of the purposeful intelligence of existence - the human body, consisting of 10 trillion cells, each of them receiving thousands of signals every second in the form of proteins and molecules.

• A cell in the lung, for example, has its own intelligence to receive and process the millions of signals, convert them into chemical reactions which are appropriate for its cellular regeneration, propagation, functioning of the lungs, functioning of the respiratory system and the health of the body to create conditions for existence and prosperity of all its parts. A cell in the kidney with exactly the same physical characteristics of the lung cell would perform different chemical functions appropriate for its role.

• There seems to be a capacity to make choices operating inside each cell in our body, down to the level of individual proteins and enzymes. DNA itself is a kind of "text" that functions through a coding system called "genetic code," which is strikingly similar to codes used by human beings. Some enzymes edit the RNA transcript of the DNA text and add new letters to it; any error made during this editing can be fatal to the entire organism; so these enzymes are consistently making the right choices; if they don't, something often goes wrong leading to cancer and other diseases.

• Luther Burbank worked on the cells of cacti to demonstrate its innate intelligence "While I was conducting experiments to make 'spineless' cacti," he continued, "I often talked to the plants to create a vibration of love. 'You have nothing to fear,' I would tell them. 'You don't need your defensive thorns. I will protect you.' Gradually the useful plant of the desert emerged in a thornless variety."

Evolutionary tendency :

  • Carl Sagan has tried a very innovative process of explaining the timelines for existence by compressing it in a one-year calendar and the results are astounding. By this scale, if the Big Bang happened on 1st January, then Origin of the milky way on May 1st, Origin of the Solar system on September 9 , Formation of the earth on September 14, Origin of life on September 25, Formation of rocks on October 2, Creation of micro algae and bacteria on October 9 , Photosynthetic plants on Nov 12 , First cells with nuclei on November 15, significant oxygen on planet on 1st Dec, First worms on Dec 16th, First fish and vertebrates on 19th Dec, Insects and animals, amphibians and winged insects start colonizing on 21st / 22nd Dec, Dinosaurs on 24th, Mammals on 26th, Birds on 27th, flowers on 28th along with extinction of dinosaurs, First primates on 29th Dec, Giants mammals on 30th. As per his scale, on the 31st Dec, the first humans were created at 10.30 pm, stone tools at 11 pm, first agriculture at 11hrs.59mins and 20secs on 31st Dec, Birth of Buddha at 11:59:55 pm, Renaissance in Europe 11:59:59 pm and development of science and technology - NOW. That shows the inevitable march of evolution, its direction and also the speed of the same.
  • The first human, Australopithecus, before 3.5 million years had a brain volume of 500 - 550 cc and a Body to brain ratio of 90. Homo habilis, the next evolution had a brain volume of 500 - 800 cc and a body to brain ration of 60, homo erectus had brain volume of 750 - 1250 cc and body :brain ratio of 65 , while we, homo sapien have an endocranial volume of 1100 - 2200 cc and a ratio of 45, thus confirming the evolutionary tendency.
  • A chart by Carl Sagan on ratio of Time of Origin to Number of bits of information processed by brain begin with virus and bacteria 1000000000 years ago and processing capacity of 100000 bits to humans beginning its existence 1000000 years prior to 1000000000000 bits/ sec.
  • Sri Aurobindo, Ken Wilbur and other thinkers have been predicting the evolution of the present mind in a well defined hierarchy consisting of the higher mind, Illumined mind, Intuitive mind and Supermind.

 Therefore, if we consider the kundalini awakening as an off shoot of an designed, intelligent and evolutionary impulse, then it is obvious that it must have an biological basis in human organism that can be empirically demonstrable. That the energy flow can be reversed to flow from the base of the spine to the brain, altering and enriching the brain constantly, vesting more energy and qualities in thought, intellect and experiential basis needs to be verified. The reverse flow or kundalini energy flow would also include the powerful reproductive fluid in a sublimated form. The validation would emphasise,the inherent capacity in humans to carry this energy flow, like the dormant capacity in a woman's biology to become pregnant and bear children

Nothing must be taken on trust and the sphere of faith need not be taken as forbidden ground for the probe of reason. Scientific investigation of the phenomenon must be welcomed to unfold the secrets of the marvellous transformations that elevated Christ, Buddha, Nanak, Saints and other prophets. The whole literature of mankind must be re-examined in the light of this knowledge to find the underlying principle behind it all. This would also bear out the evolutionary and spiritual impulse in mankind.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who am I ? (part 7) - free will and determinism

As I sat on the window porch, overlooking the hills merged with dark, rain-filled clouds at Khopoli on a mid august Sunday morning of 2006, my mind was still whirling with the questions. The questions refused to leave. Is life determined? Do we have a free will? These questions had been chasing me every single day for many months. Answers during my meditation led me to believe that there was both - determinism or destiny as well as free will. But, various saints, be they Ramana Maharishi, Nisarga dutta Maharaj, to philosophers like Ramesh Balsekar and others - talked about God and his control, not just over me, but the entire universe. A complete and rigid control, which does not allow any leeway or deviation - making me just an actor, a pawn, playing a readymade script - unable to even alter a single word in the unfolding drama.

Determinism is roughly defined as the view that all current and future events are causally necessitated by past events combined with the laws of nature. While free will should meet the following two conditions - that we must have two or more possibilities 'genuinely open' to us when we face a "choice" and secondly, that our choice must not be forced. Hence the debate over determinism versus free will is essentially a quest to identify the cause of human behaviour.

Some years ago, when I had encountered information about how psychics were able to exactly predict the future to specific details, it had set me thinking. I had read a verified account of a psychic predicting a certain day after 100 days in which the subject would be sleeping, while a child was crying in a certain position with split milk on the floor, coming true. I was also aware of some jyotish able to predict exact occurrences, or of having the past and future predicted through Nadi Palm leaf astrology, based on thumb print. It seems for each and every person the future is already predicted and written on ancient palm leaves, over 2000 years ago.
All these led to the same conclusion - strict determinism leaving us with no room to breathe, absolutely no control. In my desperation to find my answer, I started meditating, giving myself a fortnight to get the right answer and promising to myself that if the answer is complete determinism, then I would end my life. Was everything rigidly destined while an illusion of free will is created by the generation of infinite, complex interaction of a finite set of rules and parameters? Every evening I used to go to Juhu beach, walking alone and for hours, trying to get clarity. Every day, spending long, intense hours reading and contemplating. It was as if my life depended on it. The answer during my reflection and meditation was that life was a middle ground, something between the two extremes. A soft determinism which considers strict determinism and alters it in a way that allows for personal freedom and moral accountability, allowing both for external and internal causes.

But it was again just a hypothesis and could not satisfy me. I needed something more to be convinced. And, as I sat on the window porch in the Gagangiri Ashram, my eyes closed and I felt as if I was going higher and higher. Extrapolating myself into a larger and larger vortex like a sci-fi film. Seeing my body sitting there going out of view and as I travelled high into space - I could find my view enlarging till it encompassed the over 700 crore humans and millions and millions of living and non-living beings on the earth. The camera of my mind went further and further and the entire Universe panned out in front of my eyes with the stars and the heavenly bodies and I saw myself in the context of the same. A tiny speck with a partial free will. My ego was given a massive blow.

The universe has been in existence for over a million years and that we are part of millions of crores of animate and inanimate objects on the earth in the present. Also, free will is only a negligible, minimal fraction of our operative system. It is like a person standing near the shores of an ocean pushing water away by his free will, without having the least impact on the deterministic waves and flow of the ocean. Therefore, for a healthy and complete life - it is imperative to lead a life in sync with the well designed, intelligent and evolutionary existence. Like a small fish in a fast moving river, it is our free will to either swim downstream with the flow of nature and move ahead or swim upstream while undergoing tremendous suffering and pain.

Having inferred through my "subjective" process that there is determinism and free will both, I needed to verify the same through objective process, so I read some more and then some more. There were various viewpoints, some of which I shall state here, in brief:

Physics: Modern science is a mixture of deterministic and random theories. Quantum mechanics predicts events only in terms of probabilities, casting doubt on whether the universe is deterministic at all.

Genetics: Determinism vs. free will finds reflection in the debate "nature versus nurture", concerning the relative importance of genetics and biology as compared to culture and environment. So, while a plant grows in a certain manner due to deterministic patterns, it could be altered temporarily using free will, but over the next two / three generations, it goes back to its original pattern. If you were to alter the colour of a rose flower using grafting techniques - in a couple of generations, the colour of rose will come back to its original hue.

Neuroscience: An experiment by Benjamin Libet in the 1980s asked the subject to choose a random moment to move his finger, but the observation of the brain activity was measured to be half a second before a conscious intent was made, leading to the conclusion that even the random finger movement of the free will was driven by a determined process.

Hindu philosophy: The six orthodox schools of thought in Hindu philosophy do not agree with each other entirely on the question of free will. For the Samkhya, for instance, matter is without any freedom, and soul lacks any ability to control the unfolding of matter. For the Yoga school, only Ishvara is truly free, and its freedom is also distinct from all feelings, thoughts, actions, or wills, and is thus not at all a freedom of will. The metaphysics of the Nyaya and Vaisheshika schools strongly suggest a belief in determinism, but do not seem to make explicit claims about determinism or free will. Mimamsa, Vedanta, and the more theistic versions of Hinduism such as Shaivism and Vaishnavism, have often emphasized the importance of free will.

Vivekananda said " The will is not free, it is a phenomenon bound by cause and effect, but there is something behind the will which is free. It is the coward and the fool who says this is his fate. But it is the strong man who stands up and says I will make my own fate." Ramkrishna Paramhansa said " Man is like a cow tied to a pole with a rope - the karmic debts and human nature bind him and the amount of free will he has is analogous to the amount of freedom the rope allows; as one progresses spiritually, the rope becomes longer".

Buddhist philosophy : Buddhists believe in neither absolute free will, nor determinism. It preaches a middle doctrine. In Buddhism it is taught that the idea of absolute freedom of choice is foolish, because it denies the reality of one's physical needs and circumstances. Equally incorrect is the idea that we have no choice in life or that our lives are pre-determined.

Jewish philosophy: stresses that free will is a product of the intrinsic human soul, but the ability to make a free choice is the part of the soul which is united with God.

Islam: The theological issue is not usually how to reconcile free will with God's foreknowledge, but with God's divine commanding power.

Christianity : Christians believe that not only has God always known what choices individuals will make tomorrow, but has actually determined those choices.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who am I ? (part 8) - Levels, law of karma and self healing

While, the earlier blogs on "Who am I?" has tried to explain some of the basic principles - from the next blog, I'll try and go deeper into energy dynamics and quantum relationships of existence, our relationships based on the same, relationship between mysticism and present knowledge of science and free will options to go with the flow.

Anything that is nuanced, complex, multi dimensional, multi layered and symbolic can be viewed and perceived at various levels of understanding. For example, at the most superficial level - one can see various Hindu Gods as idols or forms, or at less superficial level as part of a mythology with an interesting story, or going still deeper as moral stories and lessons of life or deeper still as symbols of values. It is at the final, most subtle level of energy dynamics and the movements of the quantum particles that one truly understands the symbolisms and the deep knowledge which created these symbols.

For example, Ganesha, the elephant God in Hinduism, could be viewed from the simplest level of understanding to the most complex

Level 1 : An elephant headed God who fulfils the aspirations of his devotees, with more impact of prayers on certain days and time.

Level 2: As the son of "Shankar" who as a child ran around his parents to symbolize that the importance of respect to parents, or who places the head of an elephant as a symbolism of the unity of man with all existence.

Level 3: The symbolism of his body parts - stomach as digestion organ of good and bad actions and a repository of wisdom, knowledge and experience, ears as awareness , trunk as a discriminating tool, which can uproot trees while being able to locate and pick up a pin too etc.

Level 4: At the most subtle level, Ganesha is a symbol of the lowest frequency of Muladhar and swadhistana chakra and has the same color (red and orange), earth as the lowest frequency element and therefore the starting point of evolution, an progress symbolized by the immersion of the earth element into the next higher element - water. And therefore, all activities of spiritual growth or business begins with praying to Ganesha.

Or the Mahabharata, a hindu epic, which could be viewed as

Level 1 : An interesting story of kings and their relationship, kingdom, governance, war and lives.

Level 2: A story with morals about how to behave with your family, enemies etc. How each of the Pandava brothers denote certain characteristics with Yudhisthir, the eldest being the symbol of Dharma whom one has to consult before any action etc.

Level 3 : Draupadi, the wife can be understood as the body with the five senses (husbands), a hundred tendencies that are the enemies of spiritual growth, Krishna, the God, as the saviour of the body as it is disrobed by the tendencies etc. Or, the chariot of Arjuna (the man) being reined and driven by the five wild horses of the senses and God the charioteer guiding the man towards a war against the evil etc.

Level 4: The Mahabharata could also be understood to have been taking place at all times within oneself, with the war between the good and the evil tendencies. Within this war, Krishna or God, through the profound "Bhagvata Gita"- exhorts one to fight the immorality unrelentingly leaving aside cowardice and relationships. The Bhagvata Gita is used within the sets of an epic war to impart knowledge on various facets of life, spiritual yearnings etc.

Level 5: The entire Mahabharata could be understood from the quantum perspective with the five brothers and other players defining various frequencies and the free will using the three frequency characteristics of Sattva, Rajjas and Tamas to define and guide one's life.

Similarly, Jesus and the new testament could also be understood at the basic story, moral, value level or at the level where it talks about advaita "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 117:20-21) and unity of the microcosm and the macrocosm  "But the kingdom is within you and without you" (Thomas p.3) or the origin of existence by involution "Spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing" (John 3:6; 6:63)

Prior to going into the next subtle level of quantum microscopic where I intend to explore much more complex subjects and relationships, let me put forward two other principles - the Law of Karma and the self healing concepts

Law of Karma

Why is there so much inequality between the rich and the poor, the ugly and the beautiful, the healthy and the deformed, the lucky and the unlucky, the ignorant and the wise, the saintly and the criminal at the time of birth?

Why should some be linguistic, artistic, mathematically inclined, or musical from the very cradle?

Why are some blessed, and others cursed from their births?

Is this inequality accidental or random and chance based? Or does it have a cause, process and an intelligence? Nothing in nature, a brilliantly designed and extremely intelligent system - is indiscriminate or accidental, everything has a root and outcome, therefore there must be an explanation beyond heredity, environment and natural evolution.

The universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction is called "Karma". All deeds produce Karma through four means - thoughts, words, actions that we perform and actions that others perform on our instructions . All intentional free will actions produce Karmas - good or bad (depending on the action), which has been broadly classified in Hinduism as

Sanchita Karma - accumulated Karma over many lifetimes.

Prarabhda Karma - part of sanchita Karma, that has ripened to appear in the present life

Kriyamana Karma - everything that we produce in the current life, which accumulates in sanchita Karma, to manifest in this life (prarabdha) or future lives.

The accumulated karmic tendencies, inherited in the course of previous lives, at times play a far greater role than the hereditary parental cells and genes in the formation of both physical and mental characteristics. But it needs to be understood that while Karma is an extremely critical part of life, it by no means controls our complete life. If it was, then it would be tantamount to fatalism or determinism or pre-destiny and free will would be an absurdity.

The Samyutta Nikaya ( a buddhist scripture) states, ""According to the seed that’s sown, So is the fruit you reap there from, Doer of good will gather good, Doer of evil, evil reaps, Down is the seed and thou shalt taste The fruit thereof." Thus, Karma serves as a deterrent, as well as an incentive to do good. One becomes kind, tolerant, and considerate. This law of Karma explains the problem of suffering, the mastery of so-called fate and predestination of other religions and about all the inequality of mankind.

While Bhagvada Geeta goes a step further in chapter 2, verse 47 stating "Seek to perform your duty, but lay not claim on its fruits. Be you not the producer of the fruits of Karma , neither shall you lean towards inaction."

So, while the law of Karma is like the charge and discharge of electrical energy, it is postulated in the Geeta that absence of intentional action will not create a Karma, even though one keeps on doing action. Therefore, acting without intent to get results, will discharge the sanchita or accumulated Karma, while not gathering any new Karma. Hinduism also postulates that when all accumulated Karmas get over, then an individual gets moksha or freedom from the cycle of life and death.

I will explain the science and logic of these entire processes in subsequent blogs.

Self Healing

Our mind body system is designed to heal itself. All one needs is a removal of obstacles and physical, mental, psychological and emotional blockages for the free flow of energy. This can be accomplished with or without the help of others. For example, if you cut your finger with a sharp object, the wound heals on its own and unless the damage is extensive, the repair job is perfect. Even the fingerprints are reconstructed. Exactly the same self-healing processes occur all the time in all possible parts of existence.

The brain is like a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which directs the energy where it is needed the most. Therefore, pain is a cry for more energy and once the power is received for a while, the pain ebbs. Even if we abuse our body, it tries to heal itself, unless the damage is extensive and we continue doing mistakes for years. Severe illnesses are largely result of our complete ignorance on both: the physical level (diet, poisoning, lifestyle) as well as on the mental level (bad mental hygiene and discipline, wrong understanding of purpose of life). The mind-body system has almost unlimited self repair capabilities, but most of people deny themselves any access to them.

Within everybody is a system called Homeostasis. The property of a system, is to regulate its internal environment and a tendency to maintain a stable, constant condition. For example, a human body is 98.4 F in sub zero external temperature in the Arctic as well as in the scorching heat in the Sahara desert.

Do give your views. Thanks for your time and attention.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Who am I ? (part 9) Lets pause....

In the first two parts of my Who Am I ? blogs, I tried to give an overview of the prevalent philosophies. In the next three, I wanted to share my process of self realization and the necessity to study and validate the realization process, that I underwent. The last three blogs have tried to describe some of the megatrends of Reality like design, intelligence, evolutionary tendencies of existence, free will, determinism, the law of karma and self healing. In the next blogs, I shall try and write about some of the unexplored mysteries like intuition, co-incidence, synchronicity, paranormal and parapsychology, relationship of metals, inanimate objects to feelings, psychic healing etc and then finally - I will try and interweave all these like the warp and the weft to create a seamless fabric of understanding.

While each of the previous subjects and the next ones can be dissected in details and tomes have been written and probably could be written, I have chosen to just skim the surface and present the concepts and principles in a concise form with a view to create a unified theory of existence. Trying all the time, to fit in the maximum matter without recourse to too many anecdotes, details and diversions. In case, any of the readers would like more intricacies, explanations, depthful understandings, do write to me separately.

But, as we journey together in this wonderful space of knowledge and enquiry, we need to pause and question the validity and the truth of these assertions. Is what I write the "Truth" or is it "my" truth ? Truth is relative to the individual and thus when people go in search of the truth, they tend to find whatever it is they’re looking for. All evidence is only partial proof and certainty, a mild form of arrogance. To accept the truth blindly is the same as having no personal convictions of your own . One has to focus the searchlight of reason and logic to separate faith and belief from reality and achieve true transformation in body, mind and soul.

Organized religion tries to convince us that they have the patent on truth and use damnation and salvation , of hell and heaven, or jahanam and jannat, of guilt and temptation using faith, belief and indoctrination as potent tools. Hence, away from the organized religions, indoctrinations, away from the faith and beliefs of others, faith of my community, faith of my family, faith of my religion, faith of my nation - let us continue to embark on our personal voyage, unrestrained by history, tradition, religion and relationship - to understand the critical questions of Who am I? What is existence and its purpose? What is my role in the same? How best can I play this role? Inquiry needs to be made to find the relationship between the knower, the means of obtaining the knowledge and the object, or simply put - the subject, object and the action.

But, how does one recognize and validate "truth" ?

Can science be a reliable model for validation?

Science (latin : to know) is an instrument to find out the mysteries of existence, through its varied division of knowledge : physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geography etc. Technology is only a child of science and is an intelligent manipulations of the law of nature and existence to create tools. The relative level of knowledge is ever increasing and keeps on changing and we cannot just depend on the present level of its development to base our findings. Some examples:

• Astronomers averred that the earth was flat and that the sun moved around the earth

• In the end of the nineteenth century, physicist said that all that had to be discovered about physics had been achieved and if there are changes, they would be at the level of the fourth decimal, till Heisenberg and others came along and completely changed the concepts with quantum physics.

• Twenty years back, doctors and scientists maintained that that there was no connection between disease and the mind. Now doctors says that most diseases in the body are psychosomatic (due to the mind).

Therefore knowledge should be based not on science, but on logic and reasoning using the following methods - direct perception, inference, comparison, testimony, analogy, implication, resemblance, negation, possibility, tradition, actions, exemption and intelligence. While organized religions use testimony, tradition and analogy in the main, we need to use all the processes with more stress on intelligence and possibilities.

So, as we voyage together in the search of the existential issues, please keep your antennae on and keep on questioning as we find answers - different for each of us. We are all unique with our own knowledge acquiring processes and paths.  Let us not follow someone else's route, let us create our own path, our own answers, our own Reality, our own Truth.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who am I ? (part 10) Personal account and paranormal

I am writing a personal account of some of the my experiences as well as others to create the base for the unified explanation in scientific terms, which I shall start from the next blog.

The intellectual brain was teeming with unanswered questions when I had the spiritual experience / the spontaneous kundalini awakening in Feb '04 (description in part 3). Strange things were happening inside my body all the time as I felt snake-like movement of energy flowing upwards from the base of the spine and hitting my head releasing a white light in the brain, again and again every minute. Sometimes, the movement seemed like a ravenous hungry snake moving at extreme pace around the spine, while most times it was a languid, slow paced movement.

I had never experienced anything like this in the past 44 years. Had I had gone crazy and was I imagining things? What is this incessant movement that I could not ignore? Fortunately, not coming from a religious background and being an atheist or agnostic at best - I did not think it as a gift of God, but tried to search for answers. Also, I had a HUGE ego, feeling that I was very smart, intelligent and superior and therefore determined to find out the truth myself by reading. So, I started reading books after books and websites after websites on kundalini as soon as I found out what it was (courtesy of a deeply knowledgeable friend). While it was clear that what was happening to me was a spontaneous kundalini awakening, I could not identify with most of the descriptions of the awakening that I read which bordered on the outrageous or on syrupy outpourings of romantic seekers, or worse, by commercially inclined organizations and individuals. Gopi Krishan, a rigid, science-based seeker wrote about his full-fledged kundalini awakening experiences in a language and tone that appealed to me, and convinced me that his experience was genuine and similar to mine. He almost lost his life and sanity and reading the excellent account of his struggle to cope scared me. Other statements that I read like "Once kundalini breaks through the boundaries, it has broken the house and cannot go back to sleep in its house." or "As many as a third of the people who have a spontaneous kundalini awakening go mad or dead as the increased electrical energy could fuse the nerves of the brain" kept me worried.

But, I was feeling absolutely alright and extremely oxygenated, wanting less sleep and feeling energised. I gloated at "my" strength, till around the fifteenth day of the awakening. Then I started feeling the heat within my body. Every day, my body was increasing in heat, till I felt that I was burning within. My eyes were bloodshot and packs of ice on my head and body was not making an iota of a difference. I was feeling afraid and used to go to sleep feeling that I would wake up "mad or dead".

By this time, I started going into automatic meditation bouts, some of them lasting more than 5 to 7 hours. My sleep had reduced to just 2 to 3 hours as I sat on my bed lost in deep trance. It was during these meditational trances that I started understanding the process happening within. Questions which had never ever occurred to me, started getting resolved. I was able to understand who I was, how existence started and what is its purpose, what is my role in it and various similar issues, with striking clarity. Subsequent reading and thinking has not been able to change even a comma from the original understanding.

Then one day, while my wife Minal was applying ice on my body, I could see into the blockages in her arms (don't have the right words to describe this). She had an accident some years back and her arm bone(humerus) had got crushed and there was a metal strip inserted, and she could not do certain movements of her hands due to that. Being able to suddenly see the blockage in her arm, I put my hands on the spot and in 15 minutes, her arm's blockage disappeared and she was able to move her hands even in the directions which she could not, earlier.

So, I had hit upon a wonderful win-win solution. The excess energy in my body which was creating the heat could be used to heal. So, my mother and wife talked to a few people around the area and every evening when I came home from office, I would have people with various ailments waiting at home for laying of hands and getting healed. Having no understanding of the human body nor of any medical knowledge - I just could feel the blocked parts of the patient and energised it by laying my hand and many claimed that they got healed due to this. This went on for a few months, but the heat refused to leave me. Understanding that it was due to an excess of energy, I stopped food for some days to reduce intake of energy, but to no avail. So, what was happening?

Meanwhile, a friend's husband had a heart stroke and as oxygen did not reach his brain for a few minutes, he was in a critical situation in Breach Candy Hospital. He was on ventilation and doctors had given up on his survival. On the friend's request, I lay my hands on his head and the next day's EEG (Electroencephalography: electrical activity along the scalp produced by the firing of neurons within the brain) report showed some activity which surprised the doctor, including Dr Bhattacharya (one of India's leading heart surgeon) and then every day I would visit the hospital and pass on energy and see substantial improvement in his state. Unfortunately, I stopped the process as his body which was needing lots of energy was draining me completely. He never came back to normal and after around a year and half, he died.

Another friend who knew about all this, informed me about a young girl who had drowned in a swimming pool and due to lack of oxygen was on the verge of dying. I pushed energy into her brain by laying of hands for many days and she started recovering. She is normal now. I had a few similar episodes, but each of these energy transfers were draining me completely.

When returning by train from Bangalore once, a co-passenger described an accident that had happened to a fellow devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, who was admitted in Nanavati Hospital in a bad shape. As she was saying that, I suddenly went into a trance and could identify with the patient and immediately told the fellow passenger about the place and intensity of the wound. On calling up the relative of the patient from the train, it was verified that my observation was exact. That was my first experience of "parkayapravesh" or "entering someone else's body". After that, I could routinely enter bodies of people, identify the weak spots and heal them through energy transfers, regardless of the distance.

A year back, a friend, Subhash Harlalka, told me of a young boy of around 25 near Jhansi, who could read your mind and give you the answers before you ask. So, when he came to Mumbai at Subhash's house, me and many others went to meet him. He had many small papers and he would ask one of us to come and ask him questions. And as we walked towards him, he wrote down the question that we planned to ask on the small paper and unerringly it was correct. Actually, when he asked the next participant to ask the next question, me and another old lady stood up, simultaneously. As he wrote down the question - I sat down to allow the old lady to ask. The question that he had written was exactly what the old lady asked. So, he not only knew the question beforehand but also that I was going to sit down and allow the lady to ask.

A couple of months back a renowned Guru had come to a friend's house and when I went to meet him, he produced a two-faced rudraksh (a kind of seed) and a small pyramid of Sphatik ( a semi precious stone) out of thin air and gave it to us. I used to go to the house of a Sathya Sai devotee in Vile Parle East, where routinely, utensils full of ash would fall from the deity's picture. A cousin of my sister is another devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and I saw that ash, vernillion and small statues (from among the collected ash) would routinely come out of the framed pictures.

Uri Geller is one of the most well-known "psychics" who has publicly demonstrated feats of psychokinesis (power of mind to influence physical pieces) : spoon and key bending have become almost synonymous with Geller's name. Geller has shown that he can manifest the effects over great distances and in multiple locations. On a British radio show in 1973, after demonstrating key bending to the astonishment of the host, Geller invited the listening audience to participate. Just minutes later, phone calls began pouring into the radio station from listeners all over the UK reporting that knives, forks, spoons, keys and nails began to bend and twist spontaneously. Watches and clocks that had not run in years began to work.

You and me could give hundreds of instances of these paranormal and parapsychological events:

Telepathy : the transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five senses.

Materialization and dematerialization: Creating something out of nothing and vice versa

Psychic reading: Astrology, Aura reading, Distant readings, Palmistry, Tarot Card, Numerology etc.

Channelling: Communication with a spirit, with the dead

Paranormal experiences: Out-of-body experiences, Near-death experiences, encountering ghosts, fairies and spirits etc.

Extrasensory perception (ESP): reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind like Clairvoyance (seeing beyond the five senses), clairaudience (hearing beyond the five senses), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairalience (smelling), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairgustance (tasting) etc.

Are these a con-game or imaginations of a feverish mind? Earlier I would have dismissed these stories as nonsense and maybe mocked the practitioners, but after experiencing many of these occurrences and getting answers , I accept and understand. While there may be hundreds of charlatans and fakes, there is a science and logic behind all.

I do not believe in miracles. Just the fact that we know how we are living, how women give birth, how each of our cells are programmed to behave in a certain manner, how the sun comes up at the exact destined time and how the universe perform means that the above paranormal are not miracles, but our limitations of understanding.

Is there a single theory which could explain ? Let me start from the next blog to explain the thread which ties the entire existence in a unified whole. Please find an excerpt from the "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Pramahansa Yogi, where he describes his encounter with Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, India's greatest scientist son.

Sir Bose "In the pursuit of my investigations I was unconsciously led into the border region of physics and physiology. To my amazement, I found boundary lines vanishing, and points of contact emerging, between the realms of the living and the non-living. Inorganic matter was perceived as anything but inert; it was athrill under the action of multitudinous forces.

"A universal reaction seemed to bring metal, plant and animal under a common law. They all exhibited essentially the same phenomena of fatigue and depression, with possibilities of recovery and of exaltation, as well as the permanent irresponsiveness associated with death

"I will attach the crescograph to this fern; the magnification is tremendous. If a snail's crawl were enlarged in the same proportion, the creature would appear to be travelling like an express train!"

My gaze was fixed eagerly on the screen which reflected the magnified fern-shadow. Minute life-movements were now clearly perceptible; the plant was growing very slowly before my fascinated eyes. The scientist touched the tip of the fern with a small metal bar. The developing pantomime came to an abrupt halt, resuming the eloquent rhythms as soon as the rod was withdrawn.

"You saw how any slight outside interference is detrimental to the sensitive tissues," Bose remarked. "Watch; I will now administer chloroform, and then give an antidote."

The effect of the chloroform discontinued all growth; the antidote was revivifying. The evolutionary gestures on the screen held me more raptly than a "movie" plot. My companion (here in the role of villain) thrust a sharp instrument through a part of the fern; pain was indicated by spasmodic flutters. When he passed a razor partially through the stem, the shadow was violently agitated, then stilled itself with the final punctuation of death.

"By first chloroforming a huge tree, I achieved a successful transplantation. Usually, such monarchs of the forest die very quickly after being moved." Jagadish smiled happily as he recounted the life-saving manoeuvre. "Graphs of my delicate apparatus have proved that trees possess a circulatory system; their sap movements correspond to the blood pressure of animal bodies. The ascent of sap is not explicable on the mechanical grounds ordinarily advanced, such as capillary attraction. The phenomenon has been solved through the crescograph as the activity of living cells. Peristaltic waves issue from a cylindrical tube which extends down a tree and serves as an actual heart! The more deeply we perceive, the more striking becomes the evidence that a uniform plan links every form in manifold nature."

The great scientist pointed to another Bose instrument.

"I will show you experiments on a piece of tin. The life-force in metals responds adversely or beneficially to stimuli. Ink markings will register the various reactions."

Deeply engrossed, I watched the graph which recorded the characteristic waves of atomic structure. When the professor applied chloroform to the tin, the vibratory writings stopped. They recommenced as the metal slowly regained its normal state. My companion dispensed a poisonous chemical. Simultaneous with the quivering end of the tin, the needle dramatically wrote on the chart a death-notice.

"Bose instruments have demonstrated that metals, such as the steel used in scissors and machinery, are subject to fatigue, and regain efficiency by periodic rest. The life-pulse in metals is seriously harmed or even extinguished through the application of electric currents or heavy pressure."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who am I ? (part 11) Creation

From today, I shall attempt to explain a theory to understand existence and several of the issues mentioned earlier. Let us try to demystify the complex, profound, nuanced, layered and brilliantly designed existence, which has been shrouded in mystique, esoteric theories and religious garbs. While I will attempt to simplify, it might become necessary to re-read some of the parts to understand. My experience and acquisition of subjective understanding was around 6 years back, and hence am trying to recollect and retrofit using writings of others as a reference point of my description. The unfolding will necessarily have to be detailed, slightly technical and languid, so, please bear with me.

Is God "transcendent ( independent of the universe )? Is God immanent (one which exists within — within us, within the universe)? or is God transcendent and immanent? Or is there a God at all? We shall allow these questions to go unanswered, for now, as we deal with the "how" and "what" of existence.

So, prepare for takeoff. Fold your assumptions away. Put your minds in full upright position. And hear the Rigveda:

There was neither non-existence nor existence then; there was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond. What stirred? Where?

The universe stirred (around 13 billion years ago), with every speck of its energy jammed into a very tiny point (in the Vedas called Hiranyagarbha or the creative egg). This extremely dense point exploded with unimaginable force, creating matter and propelling it outward to make the billions of galaxies of our vast universe. Astrophysicists dubbed this titanic explosion the Big Bang. While an explosion of a man- made bomb expands through air, the Big Bang did not expand through anything. That's because there was no space to expand through at the beginning of time. Rather, physicists believe the Big Bang created and stretched space itself, ever - expanding the universe.

Cosmologists believe the Big Bang flung energy in all directions at the speed of light (300,000,000 meters per second, a hundred thousand times faster than the H-bomb) and estimate that the temperature of the entire universe was 1000 trillion degrees Celsius at just a tiny fraction of a second after the explosion. Even the cores of the hottest stars in today's universe are much cooler than that.

But as the universe quickly expanded, the energy of the Big Bang became more and more "diluted" in space, causing the universe to cool. Rapid cooling allowed for matter as we know it to form in the universe and about one ten-thousandth of a second after the Big Bang, protons and neutrons formed, and within a few minutes these particles stuck together to form atomic nuclei, mostly hydrogen and helium. Hundreds of thousands of years later, electrons stuck to the nuclei to make complete atoms.

About a billion years after the Big Bang, gravity caused these atoms to gather in huge clouds of gas, forming collections of stars known as galaxies. Gravity is the force that pulls any objects with mass towards one another -- the same force, for example, that causes a ball thrown in the air to fall to the earth. Where do planets like earth come from? Over billions of years, stars "cook" hydrogen and helium atoms in their hot cores to make heavier elements like carbon and oxygen. Large stars explode over time, blasting these elements into space. This matter then condenses into the stars, planets, and satellites that make up solar systems like our own.

While the Big Bang explains the process of creation of the Universe, is this the complete process or part of a cycle? Everything in existence is cyclic and impermanent passing through phases of creation, maintenance and obliteration. Some of the cycles we regularly encounter are the day and night cycles, the seasonal cycles, the tides, the waning and waxing of the moon, the creation and destruction of cells in the body etc.

In 1949, Richard Feymann, a physicist, proved the process of creation and destruction whereby an electron from the left collide with a positron coming from the right to mutually annihilate each other, while two photons are created which depart in opposite directions at the speed of light, thereby emitting a photon and went out of existence at that point. Or simply, that the original particle was destroyed and a new one created. Thereby proving that "every subatomic event is marked by the annihilation of the initial particle and the creation of a new one". Some of the subatomic collisions with the creation and destruction dance last less than a billionth of a second, which is its cyclical process.

The world is a continual dance of creation, sustenance and annihilation, of mass changing to energy and energy changing to mass. So, what is true of subatomic and atomic bodies would be true of the entire universal creation too.

"As is the atom, so is the Universe;
as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm;
as is the human body, so is the cosmic body;
as is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind,"
                                                                 - Rig Veda

What was there prior to the big bang? Was there no space? Where will this expansion lead?

In my worldview, the Infinite, out of which all existing things arise, has neither beginning nor end, the Universe is eternal. Carl Sagan, one of the greatest astronomers of the world has observed and acknowledged the fact that the Cosmos undergoes an immense, infinite number of deaths and rebirths through the cycle of creation, perpetuation and dissolution in a rhythmical pattern. Baffled by the immense intensity of the entire Cosmos, which he thought, was beyond the reach of any human mind, he said in his book “Cosmos" - "the size and age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home."

The universe is expanding now, but in its life span of billions of years, it will slow down, contract and annihilate to create one more time. There is nothing in this universe that is not cyclic and does not participate in this wonderful dance of destruction and creation. Hindu mythology points to a large scale projection of microcosmic scientific discoveries with symbolic deities like Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh denoting the continuous cyclic dance of creation, sustenance and destruction and the Buddhist wheel of life symbolizing the unending process of birth, death and rebirth.

Now, that I have put forward my views on the creation of existence, in the next blog - I shall try and describe space and time.....the most important components of Reality.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Who am I ? (part 12) Space, the womb

What is space?

Space is a complete-state in total equilibrium. Space is present everywhere, in each of existing units and outside it. It is present within cells, between cells and outside cells. Each cell or unit is in an active state and is engulfed by Space, soaked in Space and energized - being saturated in Space.

What is the extent of space?

Our imagination boggles at the distances and numbers, and therefore instead of calculating distance in miles or kilometres, we measure it in terms of light years (186000 miles / second, or seven times the circumference of the earth per second). So while calculating in terms of light years, let us look at some facts at the macro level:

 A handful of sand contain around 10000 grains. The total number of stars in the galaxy would be approximately the number of grains on the entire earth.

 The nearest galaxy from our milky way is 2,00,000 light years away. The distance from earth to the farthest galactic body is ten billion light years.

 The voyager interstellar spacecraft (the fastest ever) would need 40,000 years to reach the nearest star.

And at the micro level:

 A human body consists of millions of atoms, each of these almost empty, with neutrons, protons and electrons. To understand the scale of space, understand that the size of a electron in an atom would be similar to a speck of dust in a cricket stadium. Therefore all existence consists of space in the main.

Is space empty?

It was once thought by scientists that space is empty and a vacuum, and was called the Quantum Vacuum. However following recent discoveries, it was understood that it is full of waves as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The whole universe is an enormous wave function that constitute a kind of ocean of infinite energy. This supposedly Quantum Vacuum is actually a highly charged cosmic medium; an energy-filled plenum which influences the space-time motion of the material universe. Scientists now agree that it was the Quantum Vacuum which gave birth to the observable universe. Thus scientists have finally arrived at the womb of creation!

What is the kind of energy present in space?

These waves found in space are electromagnetic waves full of scalar energy. Scalar energy has magnitude, but no direction. The electromagnetism that we know has frequencies, wave action and motion that we can measure. While scalar energy is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two different converging vectors or angles; where the energy vectors meet the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a standing or stationary energy. Therefore scalar energy has zero frequencies, is static, a stationary energy which therefore cannot be evaluated by our current frequency instruments. The space the scalar occupies is not a vacuum but alive with checked and balanced energies. The scalar energy in space contains the following forces - gravity, electro-magnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces.

What is the theory to understand space?

Standing spherical waves is the main theory to understand space. A pulsating inward moving and outward moving waves of energy combine to create this spherical standing waves.

String theory is another contender to solve this problem. It holds that tiny strings, smaller than the smallest known sub-atomic particles, vibrate all throughout the universe. They take various shapes and exist even beyond our known three dimensions. String theory proclaims, for instance, that the observed particle properties—that is, the different masses and other properties of both the fundamental particles and the force particles associated with the four forces of nature (the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity)—are a reflection of the various ways in which a string can vibrate. Just as the strings on a violin or on a piano have resonant frequencies at which they prefer to vibrate—patterns that our ears sense as various musical notes and their higher harmonics—the same holds true for the loops of string theory. But rather than producing musical notes, each of the preferred mass and force charges are determined by the string's oscillatory pattern. The electron is a string vibrating one way, the up-quark is a string vibrating another way, and so on.

Far from being a collection of chaotic experimental facts, particle properties in string theory are the manifestation of one and the same physical feature: the resonant patterns of vibration—the music, so to speak—of fundamental loops of string. The same idea applies to the forces of nature as well. Thus all objects in our universe are composed of vibrating filaments (strings) and membranes (branes) of energy. String theory also postulates that that there are more than 4 dimensions that we normally experience (the usual length, width, height, and time). In fact, there are 11 dimensions, some of which are coiled up really tightly and therefore practically invisible to most people.

And what is the magnitude of this energy?

David Bohm, the great Princeton physicist, calculated that a single cubic centimetre of empty space contains more energy than all of the matter in the known universe! He called this energy as the Zero-Point Energy. As energy moves toward an infinite state, its wave frequency increases. The amplitude or vertical distance between wave crests becomes smaller and smaller until the points of rest overlap, turning the oscillating wave into a straight line. Bohm obtained laboratory evidence of this phenomenon by proving the existence of wave lengths as small as 10 raised to -34. In this manner, infinite energy may be realized as utter stillness or a zero point.. This Zero Point Order means almost zero fluctuation of wave.

What is the relation between meditation and zero point order ?

Our life consists of duality of (truth / lies) and (black / white) and (hatred / passion) and (good / bad) and (heavy/ light) and (dark / bright) and (male / female or yan / yin) and similar. So, in the frequency of the thought wave, these are opposite sides of the amplitude or fluctuation of a wave or the dualist aspect of life. The more intense hate and passion that one has, the more the mind is judgemental and extreme, the more the dualistic fluctuation and the more further one is away from the higher energy or the zero point energy wave frequency. Therefore, to keep a non-attachment attitude, to stay away from duality, to stay in a meditative state of equanimity takes one closer to the zero point order of almost nil amplitude. (will explain this in future blogs)

In the Avadhut Gita, Brahman is described as neti - neti (means neither one nor the other ). Brahman is neither good not bad, neither light nor dark, neither white nor black, neither heavy nor light, neither high not low, neither big nor small etc etc. So, Neti neti is an analytical process of conceptualizing something by clearly defining what it is not. Or in terms of physics, it is the removal of amplitude of duality to describe zero point energy. The zero point energy could also be understood as Brahman or Purusha or Shiva, from which creation emerges.

What is Naadbrahma?

What is happening in space is a constant movement of trillions and trillions of vibrations, leading to a model of humming of movement that would unite all we already know about the other physical forces.

"Sun and the rest of the universe are woven in string. What is that string that is Vayu." Shatapatha Brahmana (

Therefore the entire universe and the entire existence is a humming one. Or what they call in Hinduism as "Naad Brahma" or "The Universe is a sound / vibration" of different frequencies.

Fundamentally, there are just three sounds in existence. Like the three colours of Red-Green- Blue and all other colours are derivatives of the same, similarly, there are just three words "aaa", "ouuu" and "mmm", or jointly uttered as "AUM". These are the primary sounds of the vibration of the universe. All other words are derivatives of these three primary sounds, created by using the tongue to mix the sounds. A mute man cannot speak, but without his tongue he can create these three primary sounds.

Therefore, the mantra Aum meshes intimately with string theory and is said to be the universe's hum. Ancient yogis believed that the whole universe vibrated as one and that in deep meditation one could hear this vibration as "AUM."

If you took two empty steel glasses and covered your ears with them, you would hear a constant humming in your brain, similar to the vibration of sound of "AUM".

How do these vibrations convert into physical existence?

In the higher ranges of space or consciousness, the vibration exist as potential and they have not yet manifested. In my next blogs, I shall write about conversion of these potential energy into physical reality.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who am I ? (part 13) - Human creation, koshas

From this blog, I shall write my conclusions, rather than interpretations of various books, saints and scientists. That would make the process faster. In case, anyone would like to go into further details, they just have to Google, or ask me, and I could suggest more reading material. Once, I am through explaining Reality, I would like to ruminate on my views on various subjects and trust me, these would be pretty original and interesting.

The materialists' model of existence is bottoms- up or upward causation. It postulates the cause rising upwards, starting from elementary particles to atoms to molecules, to cells (including neurons) and so on to the more complex conglomerates that include the brain. In this view, consciousness is a brain phenomenon whose efficacy comes solely from the elementary particles - the base level of matter. But, in my view, existence is created by consciousness and is thus top-down and not vice versa.

Light or Energy contains the wave-particle duality. So, light is either wave or particle, it cannot be both at one time. The wave function represents the probability of finding a given particle at a given point. These probability equations can diffract, interfere, and exhibit other wave-like properties, resulting in a final probabilistic wave function that exhibits these properties as well. In other words, the probability of a particle being in any location is a wave, but the actual physical appearance of that particle is the collapse of the wave. When we observe the waves of light, they collapse into observable particles.

“Observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it….We compel the electron to assume a definite position…. We ourselves produce the results of measurements.”
                                                                                                                Pascual Jordan

Therefore, what we see are sets of particles that come about due to collapse of waves of certain frequencies. Therefore, reality is created by consciousness, as consciousness causes the collapse of the wave function that in turn causes reality to "occur". Thus, manifest reality is a sequence of collapses of wave functions.

Let me explain the above paragraph in a little more details, as it is the crucial understanding of existence.

Space is full of energy of extremely high magnitude in wave form, which is not yet manifested. It is spirit. Our consciousness collapses a composite set of waves into particles in the material world, which can be observed with our five senses. The spirit transforms into matter. This collapse is in the form of slowing down of frequencies or involution. The slowing down of frequencies change the state of matter, like for examples, the subtle water vapour (air) slows down to form the more gross water (liquid) and still slower to form the grossest matter - ice (solid).

Therefore, as understood in the earlier blog, space or the most subtle state contains high frequencies , and by the process of involution or densification manifests the creation.

So, in space, we have Brahman or the zero-point energy, which is just an unmanifested spirit and very subtle. This is considered in Samkhya Darshan, one of the 6 Hindu schools of philosophy, as being made up of two parts - Purusha and Prakriti. Purusha, is the unmoving, still, masculine part, while prakriti is the dynamic, female source of involution. Prakruti becomes denser and slows down to form the universal consciousness or universal intelligence (Mahat) . Mahat, then slows down to form individual intelligence (Buddhi). Buddhi's subtle frequency slows to form individualized awareness (Ahamkara), densifying still more to form the tool of consciousness (Manas) and the emotional mind (Chit). The Manas and Chit then form the five senses of knowing (Jnanendriya) - hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell using ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose. The manas and chit also create the five organs of action (karmendriya) - reproductive, excretory, speech, hands and feet. Finally, the five gross elements and state of matter are created consisting of ether, air, fire, water and lastly, earth.

Thus we see a subtle space with extremely high energy slowing down or getting dense and gross by a process of collapse to form a form, whether human, animal, bird, plant or insect. Each of the atom manifested by the collapse contains all the frequencies including the five elements in varying proportions. Thus each part of existence, be it stone, plant, animal or humans have consciousness in differing measures. More consciousness pervades a plant than a rock. Still more from plant to animal and still more from animal to human. Human is the highest state. While there are other animals, mammals etc that have some form of intellect, the cognitive and the analytical intellect of humans make them special.

Therefore, each human contains all parts of the energy from the highest to the grossest. From Brahman or zero point energy to the grossest, which is the human physical form. Now let us try and divide the entire frequency into five parts beginning from the slowest or densest or most gross. So, the physical body, with frequency so slow that it can be measured by machines is the first one called the "Annamaya kosha" or the sheath operating by food, which includes the five elements and five organs of action. Like the Russian doll which can fit into one another, the next sheath or layer is the "Pranamaya kosha" or the energy body containing the jnanendriya and consisting of the entire prana or energy system of the human body. The next larger Russian doll is the "Manomaya kosha" which includes the tool of consciousness and the emotional mind (Chit and manas) which is all about attitude, behaviour and mindset. As the frequency increases, the next level of energy is the buddhi(individual intelligence) and ahankara (individualized awareness) layer called the "Vijnanmaya kosha" or the sheath of knowledge. Then comes the highest sheath or the most subtle layer of "Anandmaya kosha" consisting of the universal consciousness or universal intelligence and would lead one back to the Prakriti and Purusha.

Other school of thoughts are the findings of Ken Wilber's theory of involution, Sri Aurobindo's theory of involution and the Kashmiri Shaivism detailed understanding of the 36 tattvas of creation beginning from Siva, the male form and Shakti, the female, dynamic force of creation, slowing down to form the five elements.

So, to a large extent, I have tried to explain "Who am I?" and "What is existence". After the next blog, which will be about the energy body of humans and others, I shall attempt to explain the next crucial questions of "What is my role in existence" and "How can I play that role".